What is Email API?

Email API (Application Programming Interface) is used by developers to access features of an email marketing platform versus a graphical user interface.

Email APIs can be used in many different ways. API allows for the use of an email marketing software’s features and functions to be used programmatically, extending its reach and providing the means for extensive customization and tailoring to your system or application’s needs.

To use email API, you need an individual or team with the technical know-how to set up and use API. API is essentially programming code that can be used to allow one system to talk to another system.

Benefits of email API

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Full control of list management
  • Advanced content personalization
  • Custom integrations
  • Time-savings with automation
  • Powerful analytics

Email with JangoMail API

JangoMail’s API allows you to use and control your JangoMail or JangoSMTP account programmatically. This can be done via an HTTP POST, an HTTP GET or an XML-based SOAP call (and a RESTful version coming soon).

JangoMail API uses SOAP and WSDL standard so you can code in your favorite environment – Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Visual Studio, .Net – and many more.

Our email API offers an extensive set of methods which can be used in a number of ways, including:


  • Send broadcast email messages to a list
  • Host HTML templates in your JangoMail account and send via API
  • Send transactional, one-to-one messages to a single recipient or ad hoc messages like welcomes, password resets, etc.
  • Receive email reporting data in XML, string or .NET data set formats
  • Setup and manage your account
  • Sync unsubscribes, bounces and other reporting data
  • Email delivery behind your email delivery application
  • Use reporting to create custom dashboards or integrate with existing stats

You can start sending immediately with a free trial or paid account – just use your username/password or create and use API Keys.

Email API vs SMTP

When possible – we always recommend using JangoMail’s email API to send transactional messages versus using JangoMail SMTP relay. Using JangoMail’s API provides for better sending logs that can be captured for recordkeeping and troubleshooting. Email API is also faster – it’s a much quicker “send” than messages sent via SMTP relay. SMTP relay by nature is a conversation back and forth between servers, which just takes longer than an email message sent via API.


For simple use cases, SMTP relay is likely the better option as it is easy to use and integrate. SMTP relay is only used to send, receive and transfer email.


Email API is programming code or language that allows for communication between two applications, which can be used for much more than just email.


There is no one size fits all – the use of either is very dependent on your company’s capabilities and unique needs. JangoMail offers both API and SMTP relay – so you can try both to see what works best for you.

API Webhooks

Also known as reverse API, webhooks allow you to receive data automatically when an event happens. JangoMail offers webhooks – we call it Transactional Event API – that can be used with our transactional sending via API or SMTP relay.


Webhooks are another way to get reporting data via API. Instead of requesting data via an API call, webhooks are triggered based on specific events.


JangoMail’s Transactional Event API, or webhooks, is easy to set up. Receive data on events that happen, including:


  • A sent email
  • An open of an email
  • A click of a URL in an email
  • An unsubscribe
  • A bounce
  • A complaint via Feedback Loop
  • A block

Why you should use JangoMail API

Our API can be used to do virtually everything that can be done in the JangoMail user interface or transactional sending via our SMTP relay.

Your email can go beyond JangoMail platform capabilities by leveraging the use of JangoMail API.

Integrate our API with your marketing platforms and applications to send email seamlessly. Save time and money by automating your email marketing messages.

Emails sent through the JangoMail API benefit from JangoMail’s deliverability and compliance features. Reporting statistics can be accessed through our UI or pulled through the UI or pulled back through the API which makes the data easy to use in your own reporting.

There is no extra cost to get started and use JangoMail’s API. We offer scalability whether you’re a small firm with technical capabilities or a large company with high volume and complex needs.

Our pricing is based on the volume of emails you send – so you can use all of JangoMail’s features including API without worrying about a huge jump in cost.

Emails sent through JangoMail’s API authenticate with SPF, DKIM, your branded custom tracking domain, and DMARC – just like emails sent through the user interface.

Our API website will be your developer’s best friend. Test the functionality of our API here.

Using the JangoMail API is a more detailed overview of the data you can access, the tools, and how to use them.

Transactional sending, transactional reporting, and transactional groups are all found here.

View a complete class reference to our API methods here.

If email API makes sense for your organization – we hope you take a look around our JangoMail email API website. Contact us if you have any questions about getting started!