JangoMail offers a number of features for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.
These are our most popular, but there’s always something new being developed to serve you better!
Let us help you grow your business.
Every JangoMail account can access all of the features necessary to create, send and track your emails. Dedicated IP addresses for sending may be an extra charge. With JangoMail, you’ll never run into a feature you can’t access or see mysterious upgrade charges.


Master/Subaccount Setup

Sometimes referred to as Agency setup, this configuration is a powerful and flexible way to manage multiple accounts under one umbrella.

Private Label Service

Our private label email marketing features allow you to create a 100% domain-branded private label solution.

Customer Support

All JangoMail accounts have access to our superior customer support team. Online chat, live phone support during business hours (Eastern time), a 24×7 ticketing system, and 911 emergency support for after hours.

JangoMail offers a number of features you can use to create high-quality professional looking emails. Whether you have a design team creating custom HTML or you’re a small business owner with no experience, you’ll find what you need here.


150+ Email Templates

JangoMail offers a variety of templates – from responsive designs that will display correctly on every device, to holiday newsletters. Templates make it easy to plug in your content and create professional looking HTML emails.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

JangoMail’s WYSIWYG editor makes creating and editing HTML emails as easy as using a word processor. We also have a simple editor that will allow you to plug in your own HTML code without changes.

Personalized Email Messages

Personalized email messages receive higher rates of engagement from your subscribers and JangoMail makes personalizing your emails easy.

JangoMail offers a number of sending options from basic to advanced, designed to maximize return on your time when setting up email campaigns.


Broadcast Email

Create your email and schedule it for any time in the future.

Transactional Email

Send an email based upon an event or transaction.

Automated Email Messages

Autoresponders, Triggered Messages and Advanced Scheduling make it easy to automate your email marketing program.

Send Email via API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a web service that allows you to control your JangoMail account programmatically.

Live Database Connections

Connect to a variety of database platforms in real-time to send mass email.

JangoMail offers numerous list management features for those who store lists within our platform (vs. in their own database). We allow unlimited list storage each with an unlimited number of email addresses and up to 100 fields for each email address (for information such as birthdate, name, phone number). Filter your lists to target specific customers or suppress addresses you don’t want to send to.


Opt-In Form Creator

Easily create a custom opt-in tool, we’ll generate the HTML you can plug into your website. This makes it easy to collect email addresses from your site and add them to your list.

Robust API

The JangoMail Application Programming Interface (API) is a web service that allows you to control your JangoMail account programmatically in a number of environments and languages.

JangoMail offers a suite of delivery features and tools that help ensure your emails are delivered to subscribers’ inboxes.


Email Authentication

From the beginning all JangoMail accounts are setup with some basic features that help all customers achieve higher delivery rates.

Delivery Test

Use this tool to check your email message for SPAM flags and fix them before you hit send.

Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IPs are available for anyone interested in having their own IP addresses.

Database Connections

JangoMail can connect to your web database in real time to pull information to send email communications.

JangoMail offers unique reporting features that show in depth campaign performance and subscriber interaction.


Real Time Reporting

Watch campaign statistics updated in real time without updating your browser.


View your open, click, and web page view data visually, as an overlay on top of Google Maps.

Google Analytics Tracking

Track your campaigns’ website activity using Google Analytics UTM tracking parameters.

Automated Email Campaigns

Three types of full featured automated emails: Autoresponders, Triggered Email Messages, and Recurring Emails.