Troubleshooting SMTP Relay Sending

If you are having trouble sending emails or not receiving emails when sending via SMTP relay, take a look at the chart below to help you troubleshoot SMTP relay sending.

Relay troubleshooting

If you followed the above chart and diagnosed your issue as Can’t connect to SMTP Relay, our SMTP Relay Help Doc below will help you further. We will go over some of the common issues you may be experiencing if having trouble connecting to the JangoMail/JangoSMTP SMTP Relay. 

JangoMail/JangoSMTP aims to provide reliable and continuous service. Note: JangoMail accounts have access to transactional sending (in addition to email campaigns) via our SMTP relay servers. 

If you are having issues connecting, please review the items below before contacting our Support Team. 

Things to check:

·        Review your reports

·        Log into your JangoMail/JangoSMTP account and review the transactional dashboard reports. Confirm we have received your messages by viewing them in the transactional dashboard reports. If you do not see your messages in reports, check your account’s SMTP Relay Errors to see if we did receive your message but it errored and did not send. 

·        If you see your messages in your account’s reports, this is not an SMTP relay connection issue. 

·        Internet connection

·        It happens! Double-check you are connected to the internet. 

·        Check your connection details

·        Verify you are connected to the correct outgoing SMTP relay:

·        Verify username and password OR IP authentication

·        Make sure you are using the correct username and password.

·        We support PLAIN and LOGIN authentication schemes across all ports and all SSL settings.

·        If using IP authentication, double-check your IP and make sure it is listed in your account’s settings. 

·        Change your SMTP port

·        Use port 2525 or 587.

·        Port 25 is often blocked by various ISPs.

·        If you want to use encryption, port 465 provides explicit SSL/TLS access.

·        STARTTLS can be used with any port except 465 and it must be enabled on your client.

·        Firewall or Antivirus Settings

·        Verify that your firewall or antivirus software is not blocking the outgoing mail server/SMTP relay. Try turning off your firewall or antivirus software and sending a message. If the message goes through, you need to adjust your firewall or antivirus software’s settings. 

·        Check SMTP server connection

·        Use Telnet to test your connection to

Note: Ping tests will not work with the JangoMail/JangoSMTP relay. Due to security reasons, our relay service will not respond to the Ping utility when used to test the accessibility of our service.

When to contact JangoMail Support

If you have checked all the items above and are still having trouble, you may contact our Support Team with the following information so we can assist you: 

·        Username

·        Public IP Address you are sending from

·        From Address

·        To Address

·        Subject

·        Date and Time of at least one message 

·        System logs showing connection attempts