Tips to Save Time

Email marketers and those in charge of email for their company can always use more time to do everything on their plate. We know you’ve likely had times that you’re asked to do more with the same or less amount of time, or you’ve had to make a last minute change to your email strategy. Below we have listed some things that may not be part of your current toolbelt and highlighted JangoMail features that help you save time.

Create a master template

Email design can be very time consuming. Creating from scratch takes a lot of expertise and know-how. Running into issues because of design flaws and email rendering disasters. You don’t have to know all the tips and tricks to make emails look perfect and hope some of the ideas below help you out.

Users should have a few master templates that they can rely on when they need to send email. Once you have a master template, you can easily replace text and images, send a test, and hit send. It’s important that your master template be perfected and already tested in various email clients, platforms and browsers to pass for readability and rendering. Use one of our pre-existing templates or employ an HTML expert to design a few master templates for your normal communications with your company logo and footer, and branded to you. Find instructions on how to save your master template here.

Did you know we offer HTML snippets? If you have portions of HTML code that you frequently use, HTML snippets are a great JangoMail feature. Take your HTML code and create an HTML snippet which allows you to insert those pre-designed chunks of code wherever you would like in your message.

Use a pre-send checklist

Have a checklist of items to review each time before hitting send. Don’t spend extra minutes worrying if you doublechecked everything!! If you don’t have a list like this, start with the important items below:
• Send a test to yourself and click on each and every link – you don’t want to hear from recipients that your email has bad links.
• When checking links, don’t forget to test your unsubscribe link and make sure it works – it’s bad for your sending reputation for recipients to not be able to easily click your unsubscribe link to opt out.
• Using Personalization? Be sure to have a test list for personalization to send to yourself and ensure it works properly.
• Doublecheck your list, segmentation and suppression lists.
• This seems like common sense, but be sure to check for misspellings, wrong dates and grammar. Having another pair of eyes check also is a good plan!

Organize and keep things tidy

JangoMail has lots of tools and features that can be used to clean up and organize. One of those great features is JangoMail Message Tags. Use Message Tags to organize your campaigns in the messages section of your account. You can even search for tags in Reports. Message tags allow you to create custom tags with the name of your choice and color-coding to assign to your messages – whether previously sent, new or draft messages. Click on a tag to see all messages with that tag.

While JangoMail has an extensive data retention policy – it’s a great idea to delete messages, lists and images that are no longer needed. It feels good to clean up and you’ll appreciate not having to sort through clutter in your account. If you are one of our large volume senders, you can contact us to set up a recurring delete job if you aren’t already using API to delete.

Other JangoMail tools that save time:
• Have you scrubbed lately? Our list scrub tool is easy to use – and you can even set it to run automatically for you.
• Uploading multiple files? Use FTP to drag and drop, instead of uploading one by one.
• Skip uploading lists and connect directly to your web database.

Email automation

Setting up automated emails sounds intimidating. We get it! It takes more work, but the time saved by automating some of your email process is worth it. JangoMail offers three different automated emails that can be used to save you time.

Automation allows you to set up messages that trigger based on actions on previous campaigns, or set up a welcome series for new customers with our Autoresponders. You can send anniversary emails, birthday emails and other recurring events with Recurring Messages.

Are you automating collecting email addresses? We offer an opt-in form that gives you the HTML code to insert on your website. Email signups automatically get added to the JangoMail list. This form can be combined with Autoresponders to send a welcome email or series of emails to new signups.

We recently made it easier to see and manage the opt-in forms you have set up for your lists. You’ll see this as a new tab in the Lists section. We’re working on our holiday wish lists – contact us today to let us know if there’s a new feature or option we can add that would save you time with JangoMail!