Introducing JangoMail’s RESTful API


The wait is over! JangoMail is pleased to announce the launch of JangoMail RESTful API!


A RESTful web service allows you to programmatically control your JangoMail or JangoSMTP account. JangoMail’s REST API works over the HTTP(s) protocol using JSON structure for both incoming requests and responses.


Based on customer requests, we worked to launch a RESTful version of our API. We know developers prefer its flexibility.


With the new RESTful API, we have added some new methods:


  • POST/lists/{id}/scrub (use our popular UI tool to scrub invalid or unsubscribed email addresses from your list)
  • DELETE/global_suppression (remove email addresses from the Global Suppression List via API)

What does this mean if I already use JangoMail API? 


The new API does not affect JangoMail’s legacy API. It will continue to operate normally. You are not required to use the new API, but we would love for you to check it out! 


How do I use the new JangoMail RESTful API? 


We have made it easier to use API tokens/keys. Access by username/password login is still available. 


Access our original API here:


Access JangoMail RESTful API here:


Have you had a chance to check out the new REST API? We’re all ears for your feedback = click here to send us an email. 


Contact our team today to get started with JangoMail API!