Protect Your JangoMail Account

Here at Jangomail, protecting your information and the information of your customers is extremely important to us.

Email marketing and email sending is an essential tool for businesses to communicate to prospects and customers. JangoMail exists to provide you the tools you need for your email communications, so we know how vital email is to you and your recipients.

In the digital age we live in these days, it’s important to be aware and concerned about the threats that exist that can harm your email marketing and brand reputation.  Security is teamwork – which includes JangoMail, you, and all of your users. Together we can all do our parts to have a secure email solution. We have put together some steps you can take to help add more security and protection to your JangoMail account below:


Passwords are one of the most important factors in keeping your JangoMail account and email data safe.

Use a password that is unique for your JangoMail account. Do not use the same password that is used for another system or reuse passwords.

A strong password is one that is longer and does not contains simple and common words. It is now more commonly recommended to use a nonsense phrase that is memorable to you rather than a string of random characters.

If you have a lot of passwords, using a good password manager tool is a great way to manage and store passwords.

Two Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your account password with Two Factor Authentication. JangoMail offers Two Factor Authentication as an optional feature to your account at no extra cost.

Two factor authentication helps protect against security threats that primarily target password hacking and phishing. It requires a secondary point of authentication to verify the user is actually who the user says they are at the point of login. This helps prevent unauthorized access even if your password gets stolen.

Give your security a boost today and contact us to get started with Two Factor Authentication.

Additional Logins

The primary login (username and password combination) for JangoMail has access to all areas and functions of your account.

If you have other users for your account, we recommend setting up JangoMail’s Additional Logins for each user that needs access.

JangoMail’s additional logins feature allows you to set up multiple users, whether you have a single account or a master with subaccounts setup. This feature also allows you to set restrictions if you do not want the user to have full access to the account.

Additional logins gives you the security and flexibility that if one user leaves or is no longer part of the project, the login can simply be deleted without affecting the others using the account.

API Keys

Instead of authenticating JangoMail’s API with username and password, increase security by using API Tokens, also known as API Keys. Using API tokens is more secure than using username and password as it helps prevent malicious use or abuse.

An API token is a unique identifier consisting of randomly-generated code.

Benefits of using API tokens:

  • API tokens identify the system or application making calls
  • Using API tokens prevents the master account’s credentials from being exposed
  • API tokens can easily be deleted

Sender Authentication

Sender authentication means securing the domains you use to send emails by setting up proper and valid DNS records. Taking the steps to authenticate your sender domain is one of the primary ways you can best protect and secure your company’s brand and reputation when sending email.

These important DNS records show receiving email servers that you are authorized to send from your domain. This means that with your From Address and DNS records, you are proving that it’s really you/your company.

Best practices for JangoMail users include setting up four email industry standard DNS records that include a SPF record, DKIM record, CNAME record and DMARC record.

  • SPF record that authorizes JangoMail to send emails on your behalf
  • DKIM record that authenticates your emails by signing them, and prevents tampering of your emails during the send process
  • CNAME record that creates a tracking domain for open and click tracking purposes, and further brands your company’s email sending
  • Once you have SPF and DKIM properly established for all sending, a DMARC record adds the ultimate layer of security

DMARC is an email authentication, policy and reporting protocol. It uses SPF and DKIM to add an additional layer to authentication by helping prevent fraudulent emails, and helping to prevent spoofing and phishing of your domain.

A DMARC policy allows receiving servers that check DMARC to notify you when someone impersonates your sending domain and fails SPF, DKIM or both.

Utilizing a strict DMARC record with a policy of quarantine or reject, is a critical piece in email security for your company’s brand.

Send with subdomains

Protect your top-level domain by sending with separate subdomains for each different type of email sending.

Email marketing and sending emails affects your domain’s sending reputation. Best practices for email marketing include sending from a subdomain rather than your top-level domain.

IP Authorization

Control who uses your JangoMail account based on the IP address they are using to access it.

JangoMail’s IP Authorization feature allows you to restrict access to your JangoMail account by specifying an allowed IP address or range of IP addresses. This setup requires you specify login access by IP – which means a login attempt from any other IP address is denied.

Computer safety

Things to do to keep your computer system secure:

  • Keep all software and your browsers up to date
  • Use antivirus and anti-malware programs and keep them updated
  • Don’t open suspicious links or attachments
  • Use a firewall


Taking steps to protect your email marketing program is important to maintaining your company’s brand reputation and image, and the relationship you have with customers and prospects.

Security can be a complex topic but there are simple steps you can take to get started, such as using a strong password.

We are ready to help if you have questions about using JangoMail’s features to up your email marketing security. Contact our Support Team today to learn more!