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JangoMail has powerful personalization capabilities that go far beyond just personalizing the Subject and Message with the recipient's first and last name. You can also send personalized attachment files or make it look like your emails are coming from different people within your organization. Personalization can be done on the following email properties:

From Email Address
From Display Name
Reply-To Address
CC Address
BCC Address

*Note: To use a personalized attachment, it must not be uploaded via traditional means. See the explanation below.

Any fields and corresponding values that are in your JangoMail list or your own database can be used for personalization. For example, if you have a JangoMail list defined with the following fields:


All four of these fields can be used to personalize an email to a list member. The same principle applies if you are using JangoMail to connect to your own database. For example, if you are connecting to an Access database with a particular table with certain fields, each of those fields can be merged into your outbound mass emails.


How To Use

To insert a field into your email for personalization, use the following syntax:



%%fieldname**default value%%

If you enter %%fieldname%%, JangoMail will replace that text with the actual field's value. If the value is blank, then it will appear blank.

If you enter %%fieldname**default value%%, JangoMail will replace that text with the actual field's value, but if the value is blank, the words in between the ** and the %% will appear instead.

For example, assume you are working with the four above-mentioned fields, either as part of a JangoMail List or your own database. Your email could look like:

Subject: Product Update for %%FirstName**Valued Customer%%
Message: Dear %%FirstName**Valued Customer%%,

In this example, if a FirstName exists for the recipient, and if that name is "Dave", the email would be sent as:

Subject: Product Update for Dave
Message: Dear Dave,

If the FirstName field was blank for a recipient, the email would be sent as:

Subject: Product Update for Valued Customer
Message: Dear Valued Customer,


Personalizing the From Email Address, From Name, Reply-To, CC and BCC Addressess

Why would anyone want to personalize these fields?

There are situations in which the ability to personalize these fields is beneficial.  Here's an example:  Let's say you are the marketing director for ABC Financial Services.  ABC Financial Services employs many stockbrokers, and each stockbroker has many clients.  You, as the marketing director for the firm, want to send out a promotional email to all ABC customers offering commission-free trades for the month of September. But you want each email to go out like it came from their individual stockbroker, not you, and not ABC Financial Services.

Personalizing any of these fields works just like personalizing the Subject and Message.  Use the %%FieldName%% notation or the %%FieldName**Default Value%% notation.  For example, let's say you have a JangoMail list called "Customers", and the fields in the list are:


Continuing from the example above, to send a mass email to all customers of ABC Financial Services so that each recipient gets the email from his/her individual stockbroker, you would set the following when composing the message:

From Display Name: %%StockbrokerName%%
*From Email Address: %%StockbrokerEmail%%
Subject: Commission Free Trades for September
Message: [message goes here]
Reply-To Address: %%StockbrokerEmail%%


**Please note: personalized From Addresses must still be set up for delivery. See the steps for set up.


Sending Personalized Attachments

There are situations where it may be beneficial to have the ability to personalize attachments in a mass email.  Let's look at another example.  Let's say you are in charge of the billing division for a large company. At the end of every month, your proprietary billing system generates invoices as Acrobat PDF files for each of your 1,000 customers.  You now have 1,000 PDF files, and each one needs to go to the right customer.  Let's assume that the PDF file's name is always based on the customer's last name.  So John Smith's file would be named Smith.pdf.  Let's say you have a JangoMail List with the following fields:


You could send an email through JangoMail that looks like:

From Display Name: ABC Billing System
*Attachment: %%LastName%%.pdf

*Important: To attach a personalized attachment, go into your message, click the Settings tab, and specify the attachment. The attachment must be first imported via FTP. Do not upload it using the typical method or the personalization will not work.


How do you send the attachment files to JangoMail?

You must FTP them to ** prior to sending your email campaign.  You may use your existing JangoMail username and password as your FTP credentials. For more information, you can read about how to import via FTP.


Using the Email List name

You can personalize broadcast emails with the name of the Email List.  Use this special merge-tag:
You can use this notation in any of the fields that support personalization, including Subject, HTML Message, Plain Text Message, SMS Message, and the From Display Name.  For example, if you're sending an email campaign to three lists, and they are named "Press Contacts", "Corporate Contacts", and "Friends", your email might look like:
Subject: Hey there %%EmailListName%%
Message: Dear %%EmailListName%%, How are you doing? ...
Of course, if you can personalize with the recipient's first name, your email will have more of an impact, but personalizing with the Email List Name is possible.
Personalization is just one of the many ways to excel with JangoMail.
  • To personalize, you first must import a list from which to pull your fields.
  • The FTP method must be used for personalized attachments.
  • Target your marketing by using JangoMail's advanced filtering feature.