What is personalization?

Personalization means using data and analytics to customize communication with your audience. Personalization begins with basic techniques like customizing first names to more advanced and sophisticated personalization that utilizes multiple data points for your audience, including behavior.

If you haven’t tried personalization yet, it’s easy to get started with JangoMail. If your list contains a field for first name, you’re ready to begin!

If you have more data in your list than first name, you can take your emails to the next level with personalization that goes beyond a customized greeting with name.

In case you don’t have anything but email addresses, set up a plan to start collecting additional information from your contacts. JangoMail offers a Website Sign-up Form that you can add to your site. We also have a Preference Center that can be included in your email campaigns to allow your recipients to choose the communications they receive and allow you to segment your lists.

Not every email should use first name, so review your communications and see if it makes sense. We also don’t recommend using a recipient’s first name all of the time. Using your recipient’s first name with each and every email is going overboard and just creepy! Too much can turn off your audience.

Use other stats in your list to tailor your email to align with your company’s communication goals and pique recipient interest.

Ideas for how to personalize your emails:

  • Segment your lists
  • Send triggers based on behavior
  • Show relevant content
  • Give recommendations
  • Celebrate special dates

Benefits of personalization

Personalized marketing is a best practice and what all the best email marketers use to segment their audiences and design their email content for their readers. Email with personalization allows you to have more meaningful relationships with your customers. The last several years of email marketing has allowed marketers to use technology to their advantage. Many companies have increasingly more insight and data about their customers to allow them to get personal with their email marketing.

There’s so many ways to use the data from your lists and databases to personalize emails. Using your recipient’s first name is only the beginning of personalization.

How to use personalization with JangoMail

JangoMail’s Personalization allows you to personalize almost every portion of your message. Personalize the following sections of your message:

  • Subject
  • Body of message
  • From Email Address
  • From Display Name
  • Reply-To Address
  • CC and BCC Address
  • Images and Links

To include personalization in your JangoMail message, include the syntax:


If your list has fields that have no values for some recipients, you can use the below syntax instead:


When you use %%fieldname**YOUR SUBSTITUTE VALUE%%, JangoMail will replace that text with the actual field’s value; but if the value is blank, the words in between the ** and the %% will appear instead.

For example:

Hello %%firstname**valued customer%%,

JangoMail’s Personalization also allows you to personalize images and links in your campaigns. With this capability, you can indicate similar but specific links in your list, and use Personalization to pull the actual URL. Similarly, you can indicate different images in your list for each recipient, and use personalization to tailor the image shown for each recipient.

Advanced dynamic content with JangoMail

We offer advanced dynamic content for technical users with JangoMail’s Conditional Logic.

Conditional Logic allows you to send different versions of content for different email addresses in one email message. Using your list’s data, you can send specific and dynamic content.

JangoMail’s Conditional Logic is based on and uses Microsoft’s VBScript programming language.

Use Conditional Logic in lots of different ways, including:

  • Display different product or promotional images
  • Compose your email content with different languages
  • Include additional text for certain recipients

There are so many ways that Conditional Logic can be used – this is just a short list of ideas!

As we have covered in this article, JangoMail offers several ways to upgrade your emails and get more personal with your audience.

We love talking about all things email! Contact us today to learn more about the tools we offer to personalize your emails.