JangoMail for Salesforce

JangoMail for Salesforce® is a powerful email marketing application that integrates right into your Salesforce® account. Easily send targeted email campaigns to your Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns in Salesforce. JangoMail’s integration with Salesforce® is especially unique because we provide custom buttons that let you send email campaigns right from within your Contacts, Leads, and Campaigns tabs. For example, go to your Contacts tab, view a list of your contacts, check the box next to the Contacts to whom you wish to send an email campaign, and then click the “Send JangoMail Email to Selected Contacts” button. Additionally, when you view any particular Contact or Lead, you can also view that person’s complete JangoMail email history, including email campaigns received, and any actions, like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, forwards, and bounces.