Guide to Email Validation with JangoMail

Email validation is a process that verifies if an email address is valid and deliverable.

Email addresses are vital to your email marketing or transactional email sending. Whether you build a list organically or purchase a list, email validation is helpful to maintaining your database. The older your data is, the more likely it contains bad email addresses.

Save time, money and send to the correct addresses the first time by using email validation with JangoMail.

JangoMail partners with top companies in the email verification industry that we trust for accuracy and security with your data.

List verification helps validate and verify email addresses. Easily catch malformed and invalid email addresses – helping you cut down on bounced email addresses. It also helps uncover known complainer emails, spam traps, moles, malformed addresses, disposable email domains, and more.

Advantages of list validation:

● Verifies email addresses are valid for sending
● Prevents hard bounce emails
● Helps you avoid sending to spam traps
● Aids in protecting your sending reputation
● More cost-effective than sending email

Disadvantages to having a bad list:

● Extra cost to send emails to bad addresses
● Negatively impacts sending reputation
● Too many bad addresses can get you blocked
● Worst-case scenario your domain and IPs can get blacklisted

How does list validation work with JangoMail?

There are three options to hygiene your email addresses with JangoMail:
Option 1: Validate one or more lists at a time
Option 2: Validate every list uploaded to your account
Option 3: Verify email addresses instantly with email validation API

For options 1 and 2, contact the JangoMail team to get the list validation process started:
1. Submit a support ticket or email ( to request list hygiene services.
2. Please let us know if you need your data intact or just email address results returned to you.
3. Allow 24-48 business hours for list hygiene to be processed.
4. We will automatically add all invalid emails to JangoMail’s system-wide Global Suppression List.
5. If requested, we will upload your file to your account and remove all invalid emails. This will provide you with a clean list. Optionally, use our Scrub tool to remove all emails on the Global Suppression List to do this yourself.

For option 3, use the JangoMail API to call API method VerifyEmailAddress. This method can be used to validate a single email address. We will return a response based on the results of the email validation. The first 1,000 validations per month are included at no extra charge.

API Email Validation Results

Below summarizes the results we return for API VerifyEmailAddress:

<EmailAddress>: This contains the same email address given in your API request.
<ValidSyntax>: This helps you identify if the email address is in the correct format. If the response is 1 the email address is good. If the response is 0, then the format of the email address is incorrect.
<Valid>: This response lets you know if the email address is valid or invalid. A valid email address will return “true.” An invalid email address will return “false”. Invalid email addresses are not deliverable.
<Corrected>: If email address was autocorrected for misspelling of the major domain name, this will return “true.” If corrected, the email address will display in the tag below.
<CorrectedEmailAddress>: This will contain the email address if corrected as explained above.
<Message>: This will contain additional details that help explain the response in the Valid tag.
<CatchAll>: This will let you know if the email address domain is a catch-all mail server. The response returned is “true”, “false” or “unknown”.

Why you should use JangoMail list validation service

We partner with top list hygiene companies to offer you savings that you cannot find using an outside vendor.
Regular email validation combined with list hygiene practices improve your email deliverability and protect your sending reputation.

Keep your services with one source and contact us today to get started!