For Marketers

These are some the features marketers enjoy most when using JangoMail

Multiple Options for List Management

JangoMail offers a variety of ways to manage your list. We can connect live to your web database, you can upload lists to JangoMail via FTP, copy and paste a list, upload a spreadsheet or upload a list via API.

Advanced Personalization

Increase engagement from your list by adding personalization to your email marketing messages. JangoMail offers over 100 fields for each email address that can be used for personalization and segmentation. This includes “large text” fields where you can store paragraphs of data.

Message Creation

JangoMail offers a number of flexible tools you can use to create professional looking email marketing messages. We offer a library of over 150 ready to use email templates. Our WYSIWYG editor makes editing a template or creating your own message easy for those with little to no HTML know-how. Or, use our Simple editor to paste your own HTML code with no edits or corrections.


Once your message is complete preview it across all the popular email platforms using our email preview tool. Use our delivery test to check your message against multiple spam traps, and fix any problems before you hit send.

Master/Subaccount Setup

Also known as an agency account setup this allows you to manage multiple accounts under one umbrella. If your business or organization has multiple departments, franchises or even sales people sending email this is the best way to get organized, add privacy and save money!

Automated Messages

Autoresponders, triggers and recurring messages make reaching the right customer at the right time a breeze. Create automatic email messages, set them up and then forget them. Maximize your time and budget.