Email Validation

Clean Up your Lists and SAVE MONEY!


JangoMail offers email validation / list hygiene services to remove unwanted / invalid email addresses from your current lists. Removing these bad email addresses will enable you to:

Save Money – Every BAD email address you send to simply costs you money as they are not being delivered and you pay for every email sent – not only those delivered!

Increase Your Deliverability Rates – The more emails that are successfully delivered – the better your sales performance and response rates will be.

Enhance Your Reputation Status – The fewer hard bounces and blocked emails you send, the better your sender reputation will be and helps you avoid SPAM folders.

Ready to get started? Contact us about our Email Validation Services and start saving money today!

Pricing starts at $50

  • Up to 10,000
  • 10K to 15K
  • 15K to 20K
  • 20K to 35K
  • 35K to 50K
  • 50K to 150K
  • 150K to 300K
  • 300K to 500K
  • 500K to 1MM
  • Above 1 Million
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