Email Metrics to Know

In this article, we will cover the most popular metrics you can track using JangoMail’s email marketing software and transactional email service.

Creating and sending your campaigns is only half the battle. Reviewing and understanding what happens after the message is sent is an important part of successful email marketing.

Below are the top metrics you can glean from JangoMail’s real-time reports:

Delivery Status

Delivery status helps you track the status of each message you send. Send a campaign or transactional message and watch reports update in real-time, from pending status to delivered.

JangoMail offers 5 different statuses to help you monitor your messages:

Pending Status means that the message has not yet been sent or the delivery log is not yet available.

Delivered Status means that the message was successfully accepted by the receiving server. This does not indicate successful inbox delivery, only that the server accepted the email.

Deferred Status means that we have attempted to send the email, but for one reason or another we are not able to deliver it at this time or the receiving server has not accepted the message. We will retry sending the message up to a total of 5 attempts before marking the message as undelivered.

Undelivered Status means that we were not able to successfully deliver the email to the server. This could be due to a bounce, block, or even too many deferrals.

Delivery statuses are shown for 15 days, and then we show an Expired Status to indicate the delivery status has expired.

Open Rate

Open rate is the percentage of recipients who open your messages. It is a long-time basic measure of recipient engagement.

Opens are tracked by placing an invisible 1×1 pixel image at the bottom of your emails. If your recipient does not enable or download images in their email client, JangoMail is not able to track an “open”. This does not mean your recipient did not open the message – it just means it was not trackable.

Because of how open tracking works, it is a useful but sometimes unreliable statistic.

Click Rate

Also known as click-through rate, your click rate utilizes tracking technology in JangoMail’s software to report when a recipient has clicked a link in your message.

Your click rate is a metric that details even more so than open rates the level of engagement your recipients have with your message. JangoMail’s click tracking metrics detail which recipients clicked a link, which link was clicked, when and how many times it was clicked.

Use click tracking to monitor your conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the rate at which a recipient takes the action you wish based on the link they clicked in your message.

Bounce Rate

As you send campaigns and transactional emails, JangoMail reports and manages bounces.

A bounce, or bounced email, is when an email address gets rejected by the receiving server in real-time. The email, for whatever reason, cannot be delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

JangoMail distinguishes between definitive (hard) and non-definitive (soft) bounces. Hard bounces are in most cases invalid email addresses that are not able to receive messages.

JangoMail automatically suppresses these emails from future sends. Soft bounces can be sent to again, as a soft bounce is typically a temporary issue.

Unsubscribe Rate

The unsubscribe rate is the percentage of emails that have opted out of your email campaign. Unsubscribing is typically done by clicking an unsubscribe link in your email, the list-unsubscribe header in their email client, or replying with unsubscribe.

Pay attention to your unsubscribe rate. While it is good for recipients to opt out if they no longer wish to receive your messages, receiving a high number of unsubscribes can be a sign that you should evaluate your email marketing program.

Block Rate

A block is a type of non-delivery to an email address due to the recipient’s mail server rejecting the message. JangoMail offers transparency in reporting by showing your block rate and details. Blocks are visible in JangoMail reports for 10 days.

A message can be blocked for many reasons. Blocks are completely different than bounces, which are typically invalid email addresses. Blocks do not necessarily indicate a bad address at all, but for whatever reason during the send attempt, JangoMail was not allowed to deliver the email because the receiving server basically said “no”.

It is a good idea to monitor your blocks for each send and trends over time. For blocks, we recommend retrying the message. Retries are typically successful after waiting a few hours or next day.

Spam Complaint Rate

The spam complaint rate is the percentage of recipients that have complained your message is spam or junk. When a recipient marks your message as spam and the provider sends us the complaint feedback, we automatically add that address to your unsubscribe list. This will show in your reports with the reason as Complaint. While these email addresses show in your overall unsubscribed addresses list, in your campaign or transactional reports, they show up in the Complaints column.

Spam Score

JangoMail integrates with SpamAssassin to offer a way to monitor the content of your messages. You’ll see a Spam Score assigned to all email messages sent through JangoMail. To see the Spam Score on a message, go to Reports, click on the hyperlinked Subject Line, and choose the Statistics tab.

The Spam Score is generated using SpamAssassin’s open-source spam filter. SpamAssassin has many tests that it runs to determine whether an email is spam or not. Each test has a score value that will be assigned to a message if it matches the test’s criteria. The scores can be positive or negative, with positive values indicating spam and negative indicating passing emails.

A message is matched against all tests and SpamAssassin combines the results into a global score which is assigned to the message. The higher the score, the higher the probability that the message is spam.

Your email messages should have a score of 5.0 or lower to be considered passing. The lower your score, the better your deliverability.

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