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JangoMail has an easy to use WYSIWYG editor that makes creating professional HTML emails easy.


WYSIWYG Editors Make Coding HTML Marketing Emails Easy!

WYSIWYG stands for: What You See Is What You Get. This style of editor has become popular because it’s the email equivalent of a "Do it Yourself" project. These services give you the tools necessary to create HTML code like a professional would. You no longer need to be a tech expert to create fantastic email.

Using the WYSIWYG editor is similar to using many of the Microsoft Office programs you have probably used in the past. The WYSIWYG editors are very intuitive. Many of the command buttons are similar to Microsoft Word. Images are added and formatted in a similar manner. However, as you are creating this document the editor is creating the HTML format behind the scenes. It is possible to switch between the HTML version and the WYSIWYG editor, so you can manipulate the code and then see the changes live.

Anyone can use a WYSIWYG editor to create HTML marketing emails.

No experience required!

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How the WYSIWYG Editor Helps You

It is very important that email communications are professional looking and do not end up in spam filters. Poorly executed HTML not only looks unprofessional, but it is more likely to not reach your customer’s inboxes. For small companies creating HTML emails can present a problem because they may not have the resources to perform this function.

Luckily, with a WYSIWYG editor, you don't have to be an expert to create professional looking HTML email to send to your clients. The WYSIWYG editor and Microsoft Word work in a similar fashion. For those who know how to use a word processor will find it relatively easy to create professional looking email.


JangoMail has a WYSIWYG Editor

JangoMail offers an easy to use WYSIWYG editor, which can help you create professional looking HTML emails. Almost anyone can type and format text, insert images, links and calls to action.

JangoMail also offers 150 email templates. These act as a starting point to create great email. Simply start with a template and customize it using the WYSIWYG editor, it’s easier than starting from scratch!

JangoMail also allows clients to upload their own HTML, without editing it or formatting it. So those who are comfortable with creating HTML themselves can, with no hassle.

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