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What is Email Spam?

What is email spam? Well, email spam is junk mail, which can fill up your inbox in an unappealing manner. It may, also, be bulk email that you did not sign up for or keep on receiving after you have already unsubscribed. Much of this email spam is composed of annoying advertisements that you never wanted to receive in the first place. Through the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, this is illegal for companies to send to you, but you still may see some of it. If you want to avoid being viewed by recipients as a spammer yourself, then there are some steps that can be taken to stay a clean and trustworthy sender.

How do Emails Become Marked As Spam

When wondering what is email spam, you probably wonder how your email can be marked as spam. Certain parts of emails may make your spam content checker believe that there is spam present. These parts could include any one of these phrases:

  • Pennies a day
  • Weekend getaway
  • While supplies last
  • Call now
  • Apply online
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Billing address
  • Increase traffic
  • Why pay more?

Overusing these phrases may be a one way ticket into your recipients junk mailbox. However, it does not mean that they are completely expendable. You just need to make sure content like this is kept in check, because if these tag lines run rampant through your messages, then your clients will receive them in their junk mailboxes. It is important to realize that once you are identified by a recipient as being a spammer, it is probably impossible to ever win back credibility with that individual. If you send too much email spam, even by accident, to many people than you will lose a huge amount of potential customers. However, there is no reason to worry too much about email spam now that you know what is email spam.

Avoid Email Spam with JangoMail

You now know the answer to the question, "what is email spam." JangoMail offers a couple tools to help your deliverability flourish and to keep your messages from being marked as email spam.

 Email Deliverability Optimization Tool

JangoMail's email deliverability optimization tool allows you to see a preview of your message before it is sent. It will display possible modifications, which could lead to superior deliverability. JangoMail offers a spam content checker feature, as well to avoid email spam.

Spam Content Checker

TJangoMail's spam content checker will evaluate what is email spam in your message and see if anything can be identified as email spam. The spam content checker can tell you, without a doubt, if your message is ready for sending or if there are modifications needed. With these tools, you will be safe to send and won't have to worry about being marked as email spam again. This feature really answers the question, "what is email spam."

You can learn more about the answer to, "what is email spam," here.