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Update Member Profile

Update Member Profile

It's easy to provide your list members the option to update their own profiles on your JangoMail list. When you send an email campaign to a list that you host within JangoMail, you have the option to include a link where subscribers can change the list fields you specify, such as email address, company, and name.

To add the link, use Insert Content in the Message Editor. This will show you a drop down that will contain an option to insert: List member profile modification link. It will insert the text "Click here to modify your profile".


When a recipient clicks the link, it will take them to a webpage that gives the ability to edit their information that appears in your list. If you're already using a JangoMail Opt-In Form, your members will be able to edit all the fields you "show" on your website opt-in form.

Does your list contain fields that you don't want your members to edit or see? That's OK! Even if you're not using a JangoMail Opt-In Form, you can still specify which fields are shown to your members. For more information on editing fields, read here.

Additionally, on that same drop down menu, you can insert an option for a recipient to delete himself/herself from that particular list. This would appear in addition to the option to unsubscribe, as every email is still required to include the unsubscribe link.

If you would like to personalize how these default pages appear, you can provide your company logo in the Assets section of your account. Go to Assets and provide the URL for your logo on theCompany Logo tab.

Another option is to create custom pages on your website and redirect members to those. You would specify those web pages for a specific list. Go to that list, click on the List Settings tab, and specify these under Self-Modification Settings.

*Note: The list member profile modification link will only apply to the list the campaign has been sent to. If you have members that belong to multiple lists, you may:

1. Send the campaign to those multiple lists so that the recipient will be given the choice to modify each profile (the "prevent duplicate email addresses" setting must be turned off). If "prevent duplicate email addresses" is not turned off, JangoMail will randomly choose which list profile is updated.

2. Send a separate campaign to each list.