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Transactional Email

Email sent as a result of action taken by a user.

Transactional emails are used to send things like invoices, receipts, reminders and notifications. These triggers aren’t just limited to website interactions. JangoMail can integrate with web and mobile applications, and actions on those platforms can trigger emails to send.

Transactional emails have higher open and click through rates than other types of emails because they are used to communicate some bit of information that the customer is waiting for. Customers anticipate these types of emails and are looking for their arrival. Transactional emails usually lead to action from customers, like click here to activate, check status or login.

Because transactional emails are anticipated by subscribers and have high interaction rates they are a great way to maintain customer relationships and to keep your subscriber list healthy and engaged.

Transactional emails are sent with our API or our SMTP relay. The choice really depends on the level of technical expertise you have available.