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The trouble with Grammarly

The trouble with Grammarly

Note: As of 4/18/2017, Grammarly automatically disables the extension if you’re on or  If you have already edited a message on our site using Grammarly, we’ll show an alert notifying you.  However, since the extension will no longer work on our site, no new or newly edited campaigns will be impacted by the changes Grammarly makes.

We’ve had some customers experiencing problems with one of our HTML editors (v4) and Grammarly. The “inventors” of Grammarly have known about this issue for over a year; it’s not high on their list to fix, and a Google search on this shows complaints by other people as well.

TL;DR – If you’re using Grammarly, please be sure to disable it when working on your message content on our site. This plugin modifies the content of your message, which creates problems when trying to send your message. If a message has been altered, once the plugin is disabled, you can edit the message source code and remove the odd-looking CSS style blocks on top, and most likely, your original source will be untouched. It may be easier to copy and paste the altered code into a separate text editor such as TextPad and do the cleanup there, then paste your original/restored code back into JangoMail.

First, what is Grammarly? From their website, “Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.” It’s a plugin which provides suggestions when you’re editing content on the web. It helps correct grammar issues, and even provides a helpful tip on why the change is being recommended.

In short, it’s a pretty awesome tool!

However, in order to provide these great features, it does make changes to the content in your message, and does so in a pretty dramatic way.

Let’s look at an example. If you’re writing a new message inside JangoMail without Grammarly installed, here’s what the HTML code that’s generated looks like:

As you can see, this message is only 8 lines long.

The same message with Grammarly installed is too long to include here, because it’s 8,967 lines long.

With all those extra lines being added, you’ll end up with problems in your campaign.

Since JangoMail can’t force the plugin to not run on our site, we wanted to provide you with instructions on how to disable it.


If you’re using Chrome, click on the Grammarly icon and change the switch to the Off position for



If you’re using Safari, click on the Grammarly icon and change the switch to the Off position for


After disabling Grammarly, please reload your campaign and you should be trouble-free!

Since there’s nothing we can do to make CKEditor and Grammarly play nicely, we’re now including a warning if we detect that your message includes changes made by Grammarly.  This is the warning that will appear if we detect that Grammarly is present:


If you have any questions about this, please contact our Support team here.