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Template Tool

Sending eye-catching emails that will grab the attention of your readers will be easier than ever with our Smart Templates.  You'll find 150 templates at your fingertips in our template menu, as well as editing tips within the templates themselves to help you design and polish messages that reflect you.

You can access these templates by clicking the JangoMail Smart Template button when you are creating a new message:

You'll be able to use the templates as a starting point for your email design.

Templates are organized by category. There are several different categories from which you can choose:

  • Feature templates include designs for promoting sales and bringing attention to one or more products.
  • Greetings include designs to say "Welcome," "Thank You," "You're Invited," and more.
  • Holiday templates provide you with designs to celebrate the holidays.
  • Mobile templates are specially designed to be easy to read on a smartphone.
  • Newsletter templates include space for a lot of text in the form of one, two, or more columns.
  • Responsive templates adjust based on the email client that a recipient is using.
  • RSS to Email is for turning blogs into a nice looking email.
  • Simple templates are basic designs from JangoMail's original selection.
  • Recent templates include the last 20 templates that you used.

You can choose a favorite by clicking the star at the top of the design you like. To view all of your favorites, click the Favorites tab in the template menu:

To see a full preview of a template, click on the Computer Screen Icon:

Templates can be selected by clicking the Right Arrow Icon:


Each template contains editing tips that will teach you how to customize your message. Our JangoMail Smart Templates are available to ALL of our customers.  It doesn't matter if you have a free or paid account; you will have full access to all of our features, including these great templates.

Start smart with a JangoMail template then build a better message around your brand!