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Suppressions: List Members and Past Recipients

List Members and Past Recipients

Suppression lists are a specific type of filtering in order to exclude certain recipients, or send to only a portion/segment of a list. There are several ways a suppression group or list can be applied. For instance, if you sent a campaign out yesterday to a certain list, but now have an updated list, how can you send just to the new members? Easily! Send to the entire list but use a suppression to exclude any list member who was a recipient of yesterday's campaign. This is only one example of how to use suppressions.

A suppression group is set when creating your message and can include applying a filter for conditions such as:

  • send to my list but exclude addresses found in another list (or lists)
  • send to my list but don’t send to members who received a specific campaign in the past
  • send to my list but don’t send to members who have received a message in the past X days

This set of filters is applied within the Messages section under the Filtering tab.

By default, the system will not send duplicate emails, even if an address appears on your list multiple times. This Prevent duplicates from sending? option must be changed here manually in order to allow sending duplicates.

Looking for a different kind of filtering? Advanced filtering can filter based on existing field values to segment your list, either by inclusion or exclusion. This section of advanced filtering has examples based on user activity or behavior, such as opening, clicking any URL within a message, clicking a specific URL within a message, and more.