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SMTP Relay Setup

SMTP Relay Setup

General Settings

To send transactional messages using the SMTP side of JangoMail, our general relay configuration settings are:

1. Relay (set the outgoing SMTP server) to

2. Use port 2525 or 587. Port 25 is often blocked by various ISPs. If you want to use encryption, port 465 uses SSL secure settings. TLS can be used with any port except 465 and it must be enabled on the client.

3. Authenticate using your account’s username and password. This is the primary account username and its password. Additional login usernames (if you have created any) cannot authenticate to use the relay. Relay authentication is restricted to the primary username.

Please keep in mind that, due to security reasons, our relay service will not respond to the Ping utility when used to test the reachability of our service.

IP Authentication

If you are sending from a known and public IP Address, you can alternately authenticate by entering your sending IP address into your JangoMail account under Settings. If you enter an IP address into your account settings, it can take up to 15 minutes before the address is detected (usually happens within a minute or two, but it can take longer, so if initial tests fail, please wait the 15 minutes). Add authorized IP addresses by going to Settings, expanding Transactional Emails, and clicking IP Addresses to Add New Item.

If you are a home or office user using DHCP, you can still use your IP address for authentication, but keep in mind that the address may change (on you) without notice, so if your messages stop sending, be sure to check your current address versus what is entered in your account.

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  • Organize your transactional messages by creating Transactional Groups!
  • Send messages through our transactional relay or by API.