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SMTP Relay Errors: Web Service Exception

SMTP Relay Errors: Web Service Exception

When sending through the relay, you may encounter an error. Below is a brief explanation of common errors and their causes.


Email address is on account's Bounce list.

This means that when you tried in the past, your recipient's server returned a message that indicated the address was invalid or there was an error in the connection. If it was a hard bounce (e.g. user does not exist) or 3 soft bounces (possibly caused by server trouble on the receiving side), JangoMail will not attempt to send again and you will get this error when next you attempt to send to it again. More information on Bounce Management can be found here.


Email address is on account's Unsubscribe list.

This email address is no longer eligible to receive emails because it has been unsubscribed in the past. The user may have clicked the link in an email or been added via the ISP complaint feedback loop, or may have been manually added to the Unsubscribe list by the JangoMail user. Read more about Unsubscribe Management.


Email address is on system-wide domain block list.

This address has been previously placed on the JangoMail system-wide block list at the address owner's request or due to being invalid or non-existent. This list is specifically for email addresses. If an is on this list, it does not mean that has been blocked; only the specific address has.


This account cannot currently send emails.

There are several possibilities for receiving this error. Your sending may be disabled or you may have exceeded your quota. Both are easily checked.

To see if your sending is disabled, go to the Dashboard of your account. A message will appear notifying you if your sending is not enabled. For new accounts, the activation link in the welcome email must be clicked. Didn't get it? Contact Support.

To check if you have hit your send limit, go to My Account and click on the Usage tab. If you are a free trial who has hit your limit, contact our Sales Team to discuss a paid account. For existing customers, you may request an upgrade within your account. Click the Get More link next to the graph of your usage.


This email message has been placed in a holding area until your account can be manually reviewed by our support staff. After review, the email message will be released and delivered.

New accounts, or accounts in the process of activation or re-activation, may have messages held up for review. The Activations Team will review and release these messages, though the period of review may vary.