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Set an Email List to be Confirmed Opt-In

Set an Email List to be Confirmed Opt-In

JangoMail allows you to confirm any address you’re adding to a list before you send your campaigns to it. Make sure that form sign ups are not fraudulent by first sending a confirmation message to the address provided. If the custom link in the message is clicked, the address is confirmed and ready to receive your campaigns. If it is not clicked, the address will be skipped any time you send to that list.

To confirm an entire list, create a new list. If a list is set to confirmed opt-in, any new email address automatically triggers the confirmation email to be sent. If you change an existing list to be confirmed opt-in, only new addresses added will be asked to confirm their subscription. Existing addresses will not receive the confirmation email.

We recommend creating a custom confirmation email. The JangoMail system confirmation email reads:

"Dear New Subscriber,

Please confirm your email list subscription to the List (listname). Please click on the link below to confirm your subscription:


If you have any questions, you can contact the administrator of this account at (your email address)."


Prepare your Custom Confirmation Email.

  • Go to Messages and begin to compose your message, either from scratch, or using one of the templates available.
  • As you compose, remember that the confirmation email must be a brief confirmation of membership.
  • Make sure your confirmation clearly shows: 1) who you are, 2) what the recipient is signing up to receive, and 3) what the call to action is (clicking to confirm). Really play up the need for action to finalize the registration. Your subject line and message body need to be clear that this is not just an acknowledgement of registration, but the last step in registering!
  • Make sure you include the confirmation link in your message. Your confirmation email must have this special link in it to drive this feature. This can be inserted from the WYSIWYG editor.
    v4 Editor: v3 Editor:
  • Click the Save button to save the message in your account.

Set the Email List to be Confirmed Opt-In.

  • Navigate back to Lists. Click the name of the list that you would like to be Confirmed Opt-In.
  • Click on the List Settings tab.
  • On List Settings page, click Yes next to Confirmed Opt-In.
  • You may choose to use either the system confirmation email or the email that you just composed. To choose the email you just composed, click in [Click to select a message] next to Confirmation email: and select your message. Note: If you have not gone through the first two steps, no email will appear here to select.
  • You may also choose a Redirect URL if you would like to send your customers to your own unique confirmation page. By default, recipients are sent to JangoMail’s generic confirmation page.

Set up a Scrub of unconfirmed addresses (optional).

  • Unconfirmed addresses will not receive emails sent to the list, but you may want to do some housekeeping and tidy up a bit, removing unsubscribed addresses upon occasion. This is quick and easy with a scrub!
  • Go to Lists and click on the name of the list that you would like to scrub.
  • Click on Scrub the List under the List Tools quick link.

  • You can either manually run a Scrub on demand on the Scrub Now tab or go to the Scrub by Schedule tab to set it to run on a recurring schedule.
  • Choose the methods by which you would like to scrub your list and then click the Scrub Now button. You will receive an email when your scrub is finished.
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