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Scrub a List

Scrub a List

JangoMail's Scrub feature gives you tools to maintain your list. With this tool you can do the following:

  • Remove duplicates (keeping the first or last record).
  • Fix invalid email addresses (this option removes spaces).
  • Remove invalid email addresses (that are not properly formed, i.e. missing "@" or ".com").
  • Remove non-definitive bounced addresses that have bounced 3 or more times (you may edit this under SettingsReply Management).
  • Remove definitive bounced email addresses.
  • Remove unsubscribed email addresses from list.
  • Remove unconfirmed email addresses (in lists with confirmed opt-in).

To use this tool, choose your list, hover your mouse on List Tools and click on Scrub the List. There are options to scrub the list immediately, schedule a scrub, or simulate a scrub. Allow plenty of time for the list to be scrubbed. JangoMail will send an email to the account manager when the list scrub is complete.

To perform a Scrub, click to select actions and then click Scrub Now.

You also have the option to see the results of a scrub without actually performing the scrub. You can do this by selecting actions and then clicking on Simulate a Scrub.

To automate the Scrub tool, click on the Scrub by Schedule tab. Choose a schedule by clicking on the Perform these actions dropdown. You'll have the option for the scrub to take place Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Click on the actions you would like to happen and click on Save.


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