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Salesforce Security Token

By using the Salesforce security token, you can keep your Salesforce and JangoMail accounts linked. This will allow you to keep your database connections live when logging into JangoMail outside of Salesforce and to synchronize accounts to keep your unsubscribes updated in your Salesforce account.

JangoMail uses two identifying items from your Salesforce account. The first is your internal Salesforce user ID. The other is a security token.

The Salesforce user ID is collected upon the first time you connect to JangoMail from being within Salesforce. No action is required on your part other than to logon to JangoMail while inside a Salesforce session.

After you’ve logged in, the user ID value is stored in your JangoMail account settings. You can see this if you go to Settings → Integrating JangoMail with Other Systems → Link Accounts.

The Security Token

Using a token is optional. There is no convenient way to see what the current value is, so the best way to see your token (or get one in the first place for use within JangoMail) is to generate a new one from within your account profile. Salesforce will send a new token value to you at the email address you used to log into Salesforce in the first place.

Click on My Settings in the drop down menu after clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

On the left side of the following page, expand the Personal section and click the link for Reset My Security Token.

Open the email from Salesforce and copy the token value and enter it into your JangoMail account, in the settings section mentioned at the beginning of this page. You’ll also enter your Salesforce username and password.

Note: The login Username is the email address you use to log into Salesforce. It is not your JangoMail username (and the password is also from your Salesforce account).

Once you have added the security token, you will be able to connect to your Salesforce database from your JangoMail account even when not logged into your Salesforce account. Without the token, you can only delete and copy your database connection. You cannot edit or connect.

JangoMail is one of few email marketing providers to support live database connections!