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Jango Mail's CRM Integrations

Customer Relationship Management Tools

JangoMail offers integration with Salesforce, Highrise and Magento CRMs. Businesses using one of these CRMs can connect to their data automatically with JangoMail.

CRM Integration allows you to create, send and track email campaigns to contacts and leads. Email marketing with JangoMail gives you the flexibility you need to send highly personalized messages to your recipients.

Some of the benefits of integrating JangoMail with your CRM:

  • Advanced personalization. Use your CRM data to send highly personalized message content and call to actions.
  • Improved management of your sales and marketing. Your sales department and marketing team can have access to your CRM and campaign history for better efficiency.
  • Deliverability and unsubscribes. Our deliverability team works hard to ensure you have the best delivery possible. With our Salesforce CRM Integration, we automatically sync unsubscribes so that you don’t have to.

Use a different CRM? Use JangoMail’s robust API to build an integration with your existing software or CRM. We can also connect to your web database in real-time.

JangoMail has an integration with the SalesForce CRM.JangoMail has an integration with the Magento CRM.JangoMail has an integration with the highrise CRM.