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Required Software for Local Database Connection

Required Software for Local Database Connection

Microsoft is no longer supporting the processes used to create local database connections. Due to these changes that are beyond our control, this feature will be phased out. The JangoMail team is currently looking into alternative solutions. If you have any questions, please contact support.


The following versions of Microsoft Office or the associated product (Excel or Access) must be installed on your system for to read the following file types.

Microsoft Office 97-2003

  • .xls – Excel File
  • .mdb – Access Database

Microsoft Office 2007 or Newer

  • .xlsx – Excel File
  • .accdb – Access Database

If this software is unavailable, the following free redistributable contains the providers for all the file types above. Follow the directions at the link below to download and install the redistributable on your computer. Once installed will be able to access these file types, but you’ll still need the software above to view or edit Office file types.

Microsoft Access Database Engine

Once your database is connected, use these powerful features: