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Reports Overview

Reports Overview

JangoMail isn't just about creating great messages with good content and fancy images. Whether you're managing a list of 1,000 or 100,000, the most important part of sending a campaign to these recipients is knowing its effectiveness. With JangoMail's detailed reports, you can view campaign statistics from the overall group level or the granular details of the SMTP logs for each recipient. From Reports, you can also access a variety of other account related details such as billing and usage history.


Let's start with an introduction to the main section of Reports.

In Reports, there are three main sections: Broadcast Message ReportsTransactional Reports, and Management Reports & Tools. The goal here is to give you a basic idea of where to find what information.


Broadcast Message Reports

Open the report dashboard.

For all your campaigns, this is a hub of information which means it's important to know what you can do! Here in the Broadcast Reports Dashboard, you'll find record of all previously sent campaigns, whether previews, campaigns, or automated messages.

Overall numbers and percentages will be shown for opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints, though the information displayed for each campaign will differ based on the settings of that message. No numbers for your click-tracking? Click tracking may not have been enabled. Though it cannot be applied after the fact, make sure to turn it on for your next campaign!


Transactional Reports

Since JangoMail offers both broadcast sending as well as transactional sending, all reporting on this information can be found in your JangoMail account. Transactional sending has its own section in Reports. Open the transactional dashboard.

There are two primary sections here. The top section displays all transactional groups, including the system-created Default Transactional Group and any custom groups you have created. The stats shown at the top are for all messages sent through that group in the history of the account.

The bottom section shows every individual message sent through the account, and displays the transactional message ID, recipient address, from address, subject, time/datestamp, transactional group, message size, and a link to the message SMTP log. When troubleshooting, this page can be filtered for a specific time frame, email address, or other to assist in identifying issues.


Management Reports & Tools

While the Management Dashboard will show you a summary of various address and inbox reports, most of the navigation for this section will be done in this section directly from the Reports page. The most commonly visited reports in this section are the Billing HistoryUnsubscribed AddressesBounced Addresses, and Email Usage History. The Delivery Health Checkand Delivery Optimizer can also be found in this section to assist in troubleshooting specific recipient addresses and checking the DNS setup for your sending domains.

Discover more about what can be done with your Management Reports & Tools.


Export Report Data

You can export your reporting data in both the Broadcast Message Reports and the Transactional Message Reports. On the far right of the grey Quick Links toolbar, there will be an envelope icon.

Quick Links toolbar in Broadcast Message Reports:
Quick Links toolbar in Transactional Message Reports:

Use the envelope icon  to export your data by email or .CSV download. Or use the filter icon  to search for specific data and then export. In Broadcast Message Reports, clicking the export button will download the history of your campaigns. For campaign specific details, you must open the desired data (such as opens, clicks, bounces), filter if desired, and export from there.