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Quick Start Guide

To get started, you can begin by going straight to create and send your message to one or more email addresses. The second option is to easily import your list before moving on to message creation. Choosing to upload a list first will allow you to test personalization. The choice is based on preference.

No List – Just Send!

To quickly test sending a mass email through JangoMail, you can use the free-hand text box to type in email addresses to which you wish to send. Just type in the addresses, put in a Subject and Message, and click the Send button.

  1. Click the Messages tab.
  2. Click the New Message link and choose with a New Blank Message.
  3. Enter a Display Name in the appropriate field on the From tab.
  4. Enter the email addresses to send to in the free-hand text box labeled To Addresses. You can separate the email addresses with any type of separator, including a comma, space, semicolon, or return character.
  5. Type a Subject and Message.  You may type in a plain text message, or if you wish to use fonts and colors, you may use the HTML editor.  To compose an HTML message, click the Settings icon on the right and choose either the v4 or TinyMCE editor.
    Note: v4 is the recommended editor. It is very straightforward and easy to use.

    Note: Personalization fields such as %%FirstName%% will not work without importing a List.

  6. After finishing your message, click the Send button.


Import then Send!

The Lists section allows you to define your lists, and then add members manually or import members in bulk. This page will show you how to create a list, add members to it, and then send a personalized mass email to them.

  1. Create a list to store your members.
    1. Click on Lists on the navigation ribbon.
    2. Click New List.
    3. Type in a name for the list (example: ABC Test List).
    4. Click on the Fields tab. By default, JangoMail includes EmailAddress, Submission_Date, and Modified as fields for the list. Specify additional fields by clicking the Add New Field link. For example, add a field called "FirstName." If you need to add more fields than space is available, you can do so later.
  2. Add a few members to your list.
    1. Click on the Members tab and then click Add New Member.
    2. Add members to the list individually. Specify the email address and any information for the other fields that you added. Add yourself to the list. Add a few other test members as well.
  3. Send a personalized message to the list.
    1. Click on Messages on the navigation ribbon.
    2. Click New Message and select with a New Blank Message.
    3. Click on the From tab. Enter a Display Name that is representative of your organization.
    4. Select the list that you just created in the To Lists tab and then click Done.
    5. Type a subject and message. To personalize the subject and message, be certain you have selected a list. Put the field name in between a pair of percentage signs. For example, if you have a field name of FirstName and you want your subject to say "Hello (recipient's first name)", you would type "Hello %%FirstName%%" in the subject field. Note: personalization will not work if a list is not selected. For more information regarding personalization, please click here.
    6. After you have typed a subject and message, click the Send button.
Are you interested in learning more?
  • Dive into personalization and ensure each of your recipients has a unique message.
  • You can also use a JangoMail Smart Template with the Template Tool to create well designed messages.