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Every JangoMail campaign starts with "preprocessing," the period where the system creates your final recipient list and assigns your campaign to our bank of senders. We start with building the list of all addresses to which you are attempting to send your message. Then, we cross-check that list and remove the following addresses:

  • Malformed addresses
  • Bounced addresses (definitive bounces and addresses that have hit your account's bounce limit)
  • Unsubscribed addresses/domains
  • Duplicate addresses (unless you have specified to send to duplicate addresses in Message Settings)
  • Universal unsubscribes (the system wide no-send list)

Records of specific addresses removed during preprocessing is not kept because it is scrubbed out. If sending to a particular list or lists, you can simulate a scrub to determine who would have been removed.

Preprocess a Scheduled Campaign

If you will not be sending your campaign "ASAP," but at a later date, you can elect to go ahead and let this preprocessing step take place now so that when the time comes to send out the campaign itself, there won't be any time spent waiting on preprocessing to complete. Preprocessing can be completed very quickly, but will take longer for larger lists.

How do you use this feature? When you schedule your campaign, just check the box to pre-process now.

Why would this benefit you? If you are sending to a large number of recipients (hundreds of thousands) and/or to a large number of lists, this period can extend to several hours, based upon the amount of work the system must do to generate your final recipient list.

*Important note: If you choose to Preprocess now, you will not be able to make changes to the campaign or to the recipient lists. If you need to make a change, pause the campaign in Reports and then copy the campaign in Messages.

Preprocess Only

The option to Preprocess Only can be found on the Settings tab when creating your message. There are several reasons why this option may be useful:

  1. You may want to see what the final recipient list looks like, after all unsubscribes, bounces, malformed addresses and duplicates have been removed. This feature will allow you to see the final recipient list while not actually sending the email to the recipient list.
  2. You may want to see how long JangoMail takes to do the preprocessing, so you can time your actual send in the future accordingly.