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Personalized Email Messages

Easily create custom content.

JangoMail offers numerous ways to personalize your email messages. Not only can you personalize the body and subject line of your message, you can customize your email signature, from address, or send personalized attachments — all with simple pieces of code.

Personalized email messages receive higher open, click and response rates than emails that don’t use personalization. This is because customers are receiving highly tailored emails that speak directly to their desires and interests.

JangoMail's advanced personalization features allow you to define an almost unlimited number of list fields. These fields can be changed, able to contain small strings to large text fields. Small strings can personalize data such as first and last name, city, birthday, while large text fields are capable of personalizing sections of HTML within your message. The amount of data you can store is only limited by what you choose to collect! Collect personal information, location, preferences, and use all of it to send highly personalized, targeted emails to your customers.

Imagine your recipients interest pique when you greet them by name, as "Christopher" and "Sarah" instead of "Valued Customer." Picture their interest rising when they open an email that is personalized with information that is timely and relevant for them. Did you record Christopher's favorite dessert as Chocolate Chip Cookies, while Sarah prefers Pumpkin Bread? With a personalized email from JangoMail, you can send the exact same messages and produce unique, relevant content for each recipient.

Be prepared for your response rate to skyrocket with the addition of personalization!

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