VIP Customer Service

Thank You for Signing Up for a FREE Trial with JangoMail

To ensure you get the most out of your free trial experience it is important to complete all the steps for proper setup. Without proper configuration your test emails may not perform to their potential.

1. Activate Your Account

First, you will need to activate your account and login. Momentarily, you will receive an email from JangoMail to the email address you submitted. Click the activation link in that email to verify and activate your free trial account.

2. Send From Your Company’s Domain

For the best result, set up and send from an email address at your company's domain. If you do not already have a branded domain, learn how to set one up.

3. Set up SPF

An SPF record tells recipient servers that your JangoMail account has permission to send messages as your company.

4. Set up DKIM

Messages with DKIM signatures prove that your From Address is legitimate.

5. Set up Custom Tracking

A custom tracking domain adds another level of authenticity to your messages if you want to track opens or clicks.

Now you're ready to begin.
Below are links to help you navigate the features within your JangoMail account.