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New Features

JangoMail is pleased to announce the release of several new features.

Some of our new features include a visual indicator for a message’s delivery status, a consolidated location for automations (i.e., recurring messages, triggers, and autoresponders), an overview/summary of your messages and lists, A/B split testing management, and multifactor authentication for account access. And behind the scenes, overall security has been upgraded, to include features such as our own internal multifactor authentication, network vulnerability scanning, encryption of data at rest, and being GDPR compliant.

Let’s start with one of the most useful!

Delivery Status Indicator

In the past, you had to click the “Log” link to see the details of a message’s delivery details. The Reports interface now has a visual indicator of a message’s status. You can see right away if the message has been accepted for delivery, was rejected, is in flight (for those messages where a recipient domain is throttled and we go into a retry process), and expired. Right now, the visual indicator is good for 30 days, and the log link can be valid up to 90 days.

The status indicators are available for both broadcast messages (drill down into Recipients) and transactional (directly on the Reports page).

Broadcast delivery status

Transactional delivery status

Centralized Automations Management

No more having to remember which broadcast message had an autoresponder tied to it. Now you can see all automations in one place. Disabled or paused automations are highlighted in red.

Automations in JangoMail

Account Overview

Upon logging into the user interface, the Dashboard page displays a high level overview of your account.

Account Overview in JangoMail

A/B split testing management

You can now easily split a list across multiple messages/campaigns, setting the recipient count for each campaign (and it can be more than two campaigns), and see the overall results in Reports.

A/B campaign testing

A/B campaign testing

A/B campaign testing

Multifactor Authentication