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Message Tagging


Active JangoMail accounts store every campaign ever sent according to our Data Retention Policy. With so much information at your fingertips, the results can be a little overwhelming. Tagging is designed to easily allow you to group or separate messages according to your own criteria. Some quick examples:

  • Identical campaigns separated according to recipient groups
  • Multiple events/promotions, each with multiple campaigns
  • Different message types: account updates, reminders, promotions, etc.

At a glance, subject lines can blend into one another. Tags differentiate seemingly identical campaigns, or group campaigns according to purpose. After they've been applied, a single click can immediately show all campaigns with a specific tag.


Let's walk through your first few tags.

Consider what might be the best way to utilize your tags. Do you have multiple events or departments sending through your single account? You can always add additional tags at any time, but if you have many campaigns and haven't yet used tags, it's a good idea to start with a basic idea of how to organize your messages.

  1. Create a few tags.
    Type in the text box to create a new tag then hit Enter. Once a tag is created, it will show in the list of tags. On the right side, a little square will indicate the color of this tag (this color can be changed later) and will also display the number of messages with this tag. Create a few tags to begin building your list.
  2. Apply a tag to a message.
    In the Operations field, there is a blue Assign Tags icon  next to the Previewand Delete icons. Click and check the boxes to apply each desired tag onto the selected message. Forget to create a tag or think of a new one? Easily type one in to create a new tag and assign it automatically. Continue to assign as many tags to as many messages as you want!
  3. View messages with a specific tag.
    Now that you've organized your tags, click on the tag name in your list of tags to see all messages with that tag applied. Done with this view? Click the tag name again or click clear applied tags to return to viewing all messages with or without tags.


Manage your tags

Rename or change the color of your tags by clicking Manage Tags. From here, you can delete, add new, rename, and change the colors of each tag.

Manage tags
Edit a tag


Tags & Campaign Identifiers

Tags can be used in addition to Campaign Identifiers. For internal purposes, an identifier may be indicated for reporting and searching purposes. With tags, campaigns can be identified and grouped in multiple ways. Filtering based on campaign identifiers can still be done using the blue filter icon . To add tags to messages with existing campaign identifiers, use the filter icon to search for a specific identifier. Use the Assign tags icon  to apply one or more tags. If you have just begun to use tags, this process may take you a little time to put in place. Once your tagging system is set up, you can simply tag each new message as it is created.

Any questions? Contact Support.


Last Updated: 12.22.2014 AE