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Master and Subaccount Setup

Flexibility and control with multiple accounts.

Master and Subaccount Setup is sometimes referred to as an “Agency” setup, but it isn’t reserved just for agencies. This setup is just a powerful and flexible way to manage multiple accounts under one umbrella. It is ideal for marketing, design and PR firms, universities with many departments, multi-service companies and more.

  • Subaccounts are functionally separate from each other in terms of content, lists and reporting, but they exist under one master account.
  • Combined billing can save $$, because the master account benefits from the cumulative volume of each subaccount, resulting in a lower per email rate. Subaccounts can be billed separately if desired, while still maintaining the volume discount.
  •  The master account can control content. The master account can share templates with all or some of their subaccounts. Additionally, these templates can be locked, preventing a subaccount from making any alterations.
  • Subaccounts do not share unsubscribe information. This preserves the email files of each subaccount. Unsubscribe can be shared back to the master account if desired.

JangoMail's Master and Subacccount Setup saved a university over one hundred dollars a month due to volume billing.