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The Basics of List Management Using List Segmentation

The Basics of List Management Using List Segmentation

Use list segmentation to target specific customers so that they receive the right message at the right time.

Your Hottest Leads are Your Most Active Recipients

Good email marketing is about sending relevant and quality content to subscribers that have opted in to receiving your messages. When it comes to lists, quality is better than quantity. Having a lot of subscribers is great, but if they’re not engaging (opens, clicks and responses), it’s time to take a look at your email marketing strategy. Have one big list? List segmentation would help you target the right recipient at the right time. There are many ways to segment your list, but finding out which of your subscribers are active and inactive is the place to start.

Why You Should Target Active Recipients Using List Segmentation

Active recipients are those that have engaged (opened or clicked) in the last 6 or so months. These numbers can vary depending on how often you send.

  • Just sending to your entire list, both active and inactive, can negatively impact your delivery reputation. Recipients want custom content that’s important to them. Blasting the same content to all recipients isn’t exactly what they have in mind.
  • A quality list increases your email ROI. Fewer emails to targeted recipients that demonstrate interest? You’re already saving time and money.

Inactive Recipients are Important Too

Recipients that have been inactive are still important. They may have not opened or clicked recently, but they may be watching your emails in their inbox. Create specific reactivation campaigns every 3-6 months to invite them back. Tell them you miss them. Your subject line serves as a billboard, and they may be waiting for the right time to open and click.

Segmentation Case Study

One JangoMail customer, we’ll call him Joe, employed a strategy of emailing his full customer base multiple times a week. His open rates were weak, only occasionally exceeding 3%. With help and education from the JangoMail team, Joe cleaned up his list, changed his sending strategy, and target active recipients. As a result, Joe more than tripled his average open rate, and more than doubled his click rate. Not only did his strategy become more effective, but he cut his cost for email marketing by over half.

The Most Effective Strategy

A successful email marketing strategy includes:

  • Sending relevant, quality content to active recipients
  • A reactivation campaign to engage inactive recipients
    • Give inactive recipients a chance to re-engage
    • They may not be opening and clicking, but they still may be watching the subject lines of your emails, waiting on the perfect time to re-engage

If you have a large list to which you regularly send, it’s time to clean it up and target your most engaged recipients. JangoMail can help you do this! Contact the Support Team with your username and the name of the list(s) you want to clean and we’ll get things rolling for you.

Any of the fields in your list can be used for segmentation.