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List Field Types

While JangoMail is known for its ability to connect in real-time to your database, you can easily use your JangoMail account to store your list data if you don't have a database. To do that, you can import your list using the UI, FTP a list, or use a website opt-in form. Changing the type of fields in your list can change how your data is entered and later used. You are not limited solely to text fields to store your data.

Available field types are: Text Box, Large Text Box, Check Box, Radio Button List, Pull Down List.

Text Box. No special setup or format is required.

Large Text Box. No special setup or format is required.

Checkbox. Into the Choices box, enter an alphanumeric value. This will be visible to those using the opt-in form and updating their list preferences. If the checkbox is checked, the value will appear for that user. If it is unchecked, the value will be blank. Each field may have only one checkbox. For more than one, create multiple fields and set as this type.

Radio Button and Pull Down List. To create radio buttons or a pull down list, use this specific format in the Choices box: label|value;. The label is what you want your users to see. The pipe symbol | separates the label from the value. The value is how the data is stored in your database and cannot include spaces. The semicolon separates the available choices.

For example, to offer options for gender, the format would look like this:


Here is another example using months of the year:


If you've not used the pipe symbol, you can use it by holding SHIFT + the same key you'd use for a back slash.

Click here to see an example of the opt-in form using different field types!