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Linking to PDF (and Other) Files

As an alternative to adding attachments to your email, you can upload the file to a website folder, and then include a link to the file in your email. You would, of course, compose your message to draw attention to the linked file.

To save the file, you have two options:

  • You can save the file to a folder on your own website. All you will need to know is the full URL (file path) of the file so that you can create the link to it in your message.
  • You may also use the JangoMail Assets Manager to upload your file to the JangoMail Assets Server. You may then use its URL in a link as well.

This page covers using our Assets Manager for hosting your files and using the Insert Hyperlink tool inside of JangoMail’s HTML editors.

First, navigate to the Assets section and click Add New Item.



Click Choose File and select your PDF. Then click Open. Once your PDF is selected, click the Start Upload button. When the PDF is finished uploading, you will see the message “All Done”.

Important Note: Image file names should be short and simple, as they become part of the URL for the link. The file names must not use any punctuation marks or non-character symbols such as brackets or parentheses. It is also recommended to use underscores instead of spaces, as spaces will require encoding.

Return to the list of assets and click the Edit icon next to the PDF that you just uploaded.

A window will pop up and supply you with the URL where your PDF is now located. Right-click on that URL and select Copy or Copy Link Address.

Now you may leave the Assets section and navigate to Messages. Click New Message.

Now, in your message, select the text that you want to become the link and click the Insert Hyperlink tool from your toolbar.

v4 Editor: v3 (TinyMCE) Editor:


This pops up the hyperlink window. In the Address (Link URL) area of this window, delete anything already there. Then paste (right-click and choose Paste) in the URL you copied from the Assets Manager. When you click Insert, the text will be linked.

v4 Editor: v3 (TinyMCE) Editor:



Linking to your assets gives you the benefit of reporting on click tracking!