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Journaling Addresses

*Messages sent as a result of using Journaling Addresses are calculated in your usage. Please see warning at bottom for more information.

With Journaling Addresses, keeping an accurate history of all outgoing communications for internal audit purposes couldn't be more simple.

Journaling Addresses are email addresses you can add to your account that will receive a receipt (copy) of every outgoing email that is sent through the relay, our website, or with the API.

Journaling Addresses receive a copy of every email that is transmitted with all headers intact in the way they were originally crafted by you before initiating the send. For example, if you sent an email to a recipient with 4 CC's and 4 BCC's, you will see all of these recipients under the proper heading (to/cc/bcc) in the email sent to the journaling address, so you can have a real, traceable audit of all emails that were sent.

To add Journaling Addresses to your account:

Go to SettingsAuthoringJournaling Addresses.

Add your Journaling Addresses. Make sure to specify if the Journaling Address should apply for your broadcast sending, your transactional sending, or both.

Note: There is a hard limit of 5 Journaling Addresses that you can use for broadcast sending.
Warning: Specifying a Journaling Address will send a copy of every outgoing email to each Journaling address. For example, if you are sending the message to 100 members in a list, 100 emails will also be sent to each of the Journaling addresses. These additional emails are calculated in your usage.
Read below to learn more about additional options: