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JangoMail Agency Program

The JangoMail Agency Program is designed to allow for flexibility and control. The JangoMail Agency Program allows an agency to maintain multiple JangoMail accounts. This is ideal for agency firms relating to marketing, design, public relations, or communications; universities with many departments; multi-service companies. The accounts are functionally separate, but may be billed separately or together.

With the Agency Program, instead of prepaying for the volume you anticipate you will be using, you pay only a minimal monthly fee for the account in advance, and then you are billed at the end of each month for the total number of emails and data bytes sent across all of your combined accounts.



  • Master account control. These accounts are functionally separate for content, lists, and reporting, but exist under the master account.
  • Additional logins for restrictions. Every account, master and subaccount, can create additional logins with optional restrictions, such as sending ability and reporting only. Interested? Learn how to create one.
  • Separate or combined billing. With combined billing, the rate per email will decrease the higher the cumulative volume. For instance, for an agency master with 3 subaccounts, if all 4 accounts are billed separately for 30,000 email messages per month at $144 per month, the total will be $576. However, if the volume of each account is combined for a higher service level of up to 120,000 email messages per month then the total cost would be $542.
  • Content control. The master account can create a template which can be shared to all or select subaccounts. Additionally, content can be locked in this template which prevents alteration by subaccounts.
  • Shared unsubscribes. Unsubscribe lists can be shared between master and subaccounts.
  • Private Label. The Private Label is a total rebranding of JangoMail and is available with special pricing. See The Private Label Solution.



Please know that we require our agency customers to hold their own clients to the same Anti-Spam and Terms of Use policies to which all JangoMail customers must adhere. You are required to respond with detailed opt-in source information to spam complaints on behalf of your subaccounts within one business day. Please take the time to review our Anti-Spam Policy.


Getting Started

To start an agency plan, you first establish your master account, with a minimum subscription level of $90/month prepaid that covers your first 18,000 emails sent and 1.8 GB of data transfer. Each subaccount carries a $30 one time setup fee* per subaccount. Contact a JangoMail Representative to start this process!

*If you will need a high number of subaccounts, speak to your JangoMail Representative for help.