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Include CC/BCC Addresses

Warning: Specifying a CC or BCC address will send a copy of every outgoing email to the CC and BCC addresses. For example, if you are sending the message to 100 members in a list, 100 emails will also be sent to each of the CC and/or BCC addresses. These additional emails are calculated in your usage.

JangoMail offers the ability to specify a CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) address that will be visible to message recipients. The CC feature allows you to specify an address or multiple addresses that will receive a clear (address IS visible to the email's direct recipient) copy of the message as it is sent out. The BCC feature allows you to specify an address or multiple addresses that will receive a blind (address IS invisible to the email's direct recipient) copy of the message as it is sent out.

Both features are found under Message & ContentCopies as you compose in the message editor.
For example, you send a personalized message that starts: Dear Kim, Dear Joe, Dear Susie, etc. Kim, Joe, and Susie each receive their individual emails, showing the appropriate personalization. At the same time, the address given in the CC field also receives 3 emails: copies of the separate messages for Kim, Joe, and Susie.
Personalized CC and BCC Addresses
You can use our personalization coding to send the CC or BCC email to an address stored in each record in your database. For example, addresses might have a particular representative assigned to them. The email can be copied to a customer's specific representative, while the message itself may be "From" the main corporate headquarters.From Address:
CC Address: %%repemail%%
(where data associated with each address record contains a field called "repemail")
Then, Kim, Joe, and Susie would each see that their own representatives were copied on the messages as well -- also a good reminder of that direct contact information should the recipients have any questions.

Multiple CC and BCC Addresses

You may specify multiple CC's and BCC's in your email via the the web interface atJangoMail.comSendTransactionalEmail API Method, the SendMassEmail API Method, or even with transactional email passed through the relay.
To add CC and BCC addresses via the web interface:Simply separate multiple addresses in the CC and BCC fields with a comma.

To add CC and BCC addresses with the SendTransactionalEmail or SendMassEmail API methods:
Specify CC's and BCC's via the "option" string parameter. Use a comma between each option (cc and bcc) and a semicolon between each email address, as in this example:;,;bcc2@jangomail.comSee the SendTransactionalEmail help page and the SendMassEmail help page for more information. 

To add CC and BCC addresses via the Transactional Relay:
Compose your email normally with your email client, via your website, or your web application, specifying the cc/bcc addresses as you normally would. Send your email via the relay server at as you normally would, and leave the rest up to us.
Note: There is a hard limit of 5 CC and 5 BCC addresses that you can specify for all broadcast mail (not including transactional mail or mail sent with the SendTransactionalEmail API method).
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