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HTML Code Snippets

JangoMail HTML Code Snippets make inserting chunks of HTML easy. While there are features to create standard headers and footers for every email sent out from your account, HTML snippets are different, allowing you to customize specific pieces of HTML that you can insert at your leisure.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Code your own HTML and save it as a snippet.

2. Use one of JangoMail's WYSIWYG editors to create your piece of HTML, view and copy the source code, and paste it into the HTML snippet section to save it as a snippet.

Once you have your HTML source code, simply go to Settings. Under the Authoring section, select HTML Snippets.

Click the blue Add New Item. Enter in a single letter as the key code (letters only; used for insertion in the TinyMCE v3 Editor), a name for the snippet, and then paste in the HTML content. Click Save.

Once you've created your HTML snippet, go to Messages and open a campaign or create a new one. Place your cursor where you would like to insert your HTML snippet.

If you are using the v4 Editor:
Select the Insert Content option on the bottom toolbar of the editor and choose your Custom HTML: XXX.


If you are using the TinyMCE (v3) Editor:
Select the button on the bottom toolbar that is identified with the single letter keycode you chose when you created your snippet.

Your HTML will be inserted where desired. Keep in mind that if you have any HTML styling to your snippet that is different than your campaign, you will have to correct any formatting/styling issues.