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How do I change my billing plan?

How to upgrade your plan

Click on My AccountUpgrade. Choose the service level needed. Upgrades are reviewed by JangoMail and may not be immediate. Higher service levels may require SPF andDKIM/DomainKeys be set up prior to approval of upgrade request.

JangoMail pricing is based on the number of messages sent and not the size of your list. Accounts start out with set limits, unless you've requested otherwise. When emails exceed your account limits, the sender will get return notifications indicating that the account is over quota and that the email was not delivered.

How to select a plan for fluctuating volume

Want to be able to send without having to worry about how many your account allows? You may request that your account be set to allow sending emails past your monthly allowance.

This option would give you the ability to send as many emails as you need each month without hitting a limit. At the end of the month, we will calculate the number of emails that you sent. If this number is more than the volume for which you prepaid, we will charge you the difference from what you used and what you prepaid.

For example: If you prepay for 30,000 emails a month, and this month you send 40,000, we will charge you the cost difference between the plan for 45,000 emails per month and the plan for 30,000 emails per month. You will not be charged any type of penalty fee or additional costs, simply the cost difference between service levels. You will receive the same charge as if you would have manually upgraded your account mid-month.

Does this option sounds like a good fit for your needs? If so, contact our Support Team to request this feature today!

How to downgrade your plan

Please contact our Support Team to assist you in changing your plan.

How to cancel your plan

Is your sending seasonal? Do you need to place your account on hold? Please contact our Support Team for assistance with pausing service or cancelling your account. You may call (855)709-4099 or submit a support ticket.