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Happy Holidays from JangoMail

Happy Holidays from JangoMail


JangoMail has been celebrating the holiday season.
Secret Santa, ugly Christmas sweaters, and the much awaited Christmas party!


This year we thought we’d give you a peek at how we celebrate during this very merry, but very busy, time of the year.


JangoMail held the first annual Jangies (loosely inspired by the Dundies). Two of our fearless leaders (Jeff and Erick) handed out trophies in a variety of (very unique) categories.


JangoMail Jangies


What else does Christmas entail at JangoMail HQ? RockBand, Nick Offerman videos, Chinese food and kiddos in the office.


From the JangoMail family, to you and yours, Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year.



We’d love to hear about your holiday traditions!
Let us know what your family, or your office family, enjoys each year in the comment section below.