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Getting started with FTP

For users with a large amount of files (aka assets) to upload to your JangoMail account, we allow customers to use their favorite FTP client to upload files in bulk. If you do not know how to use FTP, please see this article for details.

Connect to FTP:

  1. Point your FTP client to or connect via secure FTPS by using ftps:// on port 990.
  2. Use your JangoMail username and password for your login credentials.

Once connected, you'll see a set of folders for your account.  Here's a breakdown of what each one is for:

Folder Name
Attachments Storing files that will be used when adding attachments via API or using our personalized attachment feature.
GroupImportsAPI Used for importing lists via our API. If you have more questions about this, contact our support team.
GroupImportsAutoFTP Used for importing lists via FTP. If you drop a properly formatted CSV file in this folder, it will be processed and imported into your account. The name of the list will be based on the name of the file, but non-alphanumeric characters will be removed.

Please note that the process that handles the import runs every hour, on the hour.

HTMLTemplates Used to store your own HTML templates. If you have your own templates saved as .html files, you can upload them here and access them on our website.
Images Used to store images that you want to use with your campaigns. This is the same as what shows up when you click Assets in our web interface.

Please note that while you can create folders via FTP, images won't appear properly in Assets if they're inside a folder.

FTP Client Examples

FTP Client
Configuration Screenshot
Supported Platform





OSX, Windows





OSX, Windows, Linux




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  • If you have fewer images/files to upload, you might prefer to simply use the Assets section of the interface.
  • You can also create and upload your list with ease all within your account!