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"We chose JangoMail after we were able to sign up for a free trial and test the platform the same day. Our programmers have said this is the best API they have ever used. Deliverability has improved and most importantly – so have sales!"

Dick Serrano, CFO, LocatePlus

One of Website Magazine's Top 50 Email Marketing Solutions.

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Database Connectivity
JangoMail offers advanced database connectivity. There are numerous ways to send email through JangoMail using database connections.

Full access to our API for seamless import/export in real-time.

Easy Customization
With JangoMail it’s easy to customize every aspect of your email marketing message.

Brand building features to control the look of your emails.

Pinpoint Delivery and Reporting
Use JangoMail’s advanced reporting and tracking features to track the performance of your email marketing messages.

Robust tracking ensures your emails are delivered to the inbox.

VIP Service
JangoMail offers free VIP customer service to all customers, simple call us or fill out an online form at any time. 24/7, 365, emergency service is free of charge.

Live, US-based support. 24/7 emergency service.

Some of Our Happy Customers

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - JangoMail support is the best I have ever experienced! Nice people, great knowledge, extremely helpful. What more could I ask?
Hal P.
Awesome! You're company has great customer support. I would happily recommend your services to others 🙂
Kris N.
Thank you so much for your help. You were able to answer my questions in a fraction of the time compared to your competitors which, by the way, we don't use any more.
Thanks again,
Dave M.

Why Choose JangoMail?

HTML Editors
Industry Leading API
Advanced Personalization
Full Code Access
Numerous Reporting Options
Easy Integration

Design, print and mail postcards

Design, print & mail postcards the same day!

Unlimited Sales Leads and Lists

Unlimited sales leads & mailing lists $69.95/month.

Why JangoMail?

We lead the permission-based email marketing industry, offering services for transactional and marketing emails. Over 200,000 organizations on six continents use JangoMail, and its transactional email service JangoSMTP, to stay in touch with their subscribers. JangoMail offers flexible pricing and unique features for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes and industries.

JangoMail is a leading email service provider. JangoMail provides email marketing services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, in all industries, around the world. JangoMail offers autoresponder, triggered and scheduled sending options. JangoMail is a web-based email service provider located in Dayton, Ohio. We offer VIP customer service with a team located in our Dayton, Ohio office. Accounts of any size receive 24/7 customer support. JangoMail offers a robust API, real-time database integration, 150 email templates, a WYSIWYG email editor, a spam content checker and many other features. At JangoMail it’s all about you, the customer, so we offer 100% branding control. We will never advertise our company on your emails. Try JangoMail free today, send 10,000 emails during your free trial and see why JangoMail is the leader in online email marketing, for those who know advanced email technology.