For Developers

Some of the top features developers like when using JangoMail


Use our robust application programming interface to send email programmatically. Use the event API for transactional email to push event data (such as opens, unsubscribes, clicks, etc.) directly to your server when an event occurs. Integrate our API with your website or mobile app.

Real-Time Database Connections

Forget about importing, exporting and converting data. JangoMail can your data from web databases in real-time.

Automated Messages

With autoresponders, triggers and recurring messages, JangoMail offers a variety of ways to easily set up automated email messaging to your recipients.

Industry-Leading Deliverability

JangoMail maintains high delivery rates by assisting you with setting up SPF, DKIM and Custom Tracking Domains so your recipients can be confident that any email coming from your address is authentic. We ensure you send off of clean IP Pools, and dedicated IPs are available as well.

Foreign Language Support

JangoMail fully supports double-byte character sets, so you’ll never have a problem displaying a language that isn’t English. Emojis work too.

List Hygiene

Validate addresses via an integrated list hygiene service (first 100 per month are free, then a dollar per thousand afterwards).