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Feature Summary

Feature Summary

Top Reasons to Use JangoMail

  1. 100% branding control of your emails
  2. Advanced one-to-one personalization
  3. Full control of all aspects of your email message, including header details
  4. Real-time connection to external web databases
  5. Recipient-level tracking of opens, clicks, replies, bounces, unsubscribes, and web site activity
  6. Highly advanced HTML editor
  7. API/Web service integration
  8. Reliable and distributed deliverability
  9. Foreign language capabilities
  10. 24 hour emergency support

Full Feature List

Composing Emails

  • HTML & plain text messages
  • Social Media sharing buttons
  • Simple and advanced HTML editors
  • Define “chunks” of HTML that can be inserted with a single click
  • Standard personalization
  • Conditional logic personalization
  • Attach up to 20 files per email
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Foreign language capabilities
  • Email templates
  • Customizable message headers
  • Embed URLs
  • Personalized and default CAN-SPAM compliant footers
  • Embed images
  • Survey creation tool

Sending Emails

  • Define recipients who will receive a copy of every sent email
  • Triggered emails
  • Scheduled emails
  • Recurring emails
  • RSS to Email
  • Spam content testing
  • Email client render testing
  • CC and BCC, journaling addresses, required recipients
  • Email throttling
  • Create suppression lists from a past email campaign or from scratch
  • Use JangoMail as a discussion server
  • Transactional emails with full DKIM signing, tracking, and immediate delivery over SMTP

Database Connectivity

  • Connect to any ASP/PHP/Cold Fusion-driven web site database
  • Synchronize unsubscribes, bounces, opens, clicks, and other activities with your database
  • Use the API and web service to remotely manage and retrieve data
  • Salesforce, Highrise, & Magento integrations

Reporting and Analytics

  • Opens & Clicks
  • Website activity
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Forward to a friend tracking
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces
  • Click tracking visual overlay
  • AJAX-based reporting
  • Time-based reporting
  • IP Address and Browser tracking
  • View SMTP log files
  • Geo tracking

Email Deliverability

  • Habeas SafeList member
  • Return Path Certification program partner
  • Manage your own DomainKeys/DKIM records
  • Set up SPF/SenderID
  • Feedback Loops (FBLs) with major email clients
  • 24 hour network monitoring
  • Dedicated SMTP Sending Servers and IP Addresses are available
  • Complex domain/sender routing rules allow granular control of delivery
  • Custom built Windows-based MTA/SMTP
  • Distributed SMTP infrastructure allows access to unlimited IP ranges

Email Address List Management

  • Host unlimited email lists and email addresses
  • Unlimited fields for each list
  • Web signup form creation
  • Recipients can modify their own profiles
  • List scrubber can turn invalid addresses valid and remove duplicates
  • Export all data to Excel
  • Set up autoresponders
  • Easily add contacts
  • Double opt-in confirmation option
  • Use any email list as a send-to group or as a suppression group
  • Create large text fields within email lists
  • Search any or all email lists at once
  • FTP email recipient lists
  • List-unsubscribe header option
  • Create an Email List from a Report

Reply Management

  • Automatic unsubscribe/bounce handling
  • Option to email bouncebacks
  • Recipient requests to change email addresses are handled automatically
  • Automatic forwarding of valid user replies
  • Automatic forwarding of Challenge-Response replies to a specified user
  • Virus messages are automatically deleted
  • Unsubscribe/bounce synchronization with web databases

Features for Agencies

  • Client subaccounts
  • Multiple logins (sending restrictions, reporting only users, and more)
  • Private label option
  • Unsubscribe sharing
  • FTP account
  • Email template sharing across subaccounts

Custom Features and Solutions

  • Dedicated processing
  • Custom scripting/programming
  • Transactional custom scripting

Client Support

  • 24 hour emergency support
  • Experienced sales and support team
  • Standard Hours: M – F, 7am – 6pm EST
  • Tutorials:


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