Feature Summary 

Top Reasons to Use JangoMail

  1. 100% branding control of your emails
  2. Advanced one-to-one personalization
  3. Full control of all aspects of your email message, including header details
  4. Real-time connection to external web databases
  5. Recipient-level tracking of opens, clicks, replies, bounces, unsubscribes, and web site activity
  6. Highly advanced HTML editor
  7. API/Web service integration
  8. Reliable and distributed deliverability
  9. Foreign language capabilities
  10. Initiate mass emails from your desktop email client
  11. 24 hour emergency support

Full Feature List

Composing Emails

  • HTML & plain text messages
  • Social Media sharing buttons
  • Simple and advanced HTML editors
  • Define "chunks" of HTML that can be inserted with a single click
  • Standard personalization
  • Conditional logic personalization
  • Attach up to 20 files per email
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Foreign language capabilities
  • Email templates
  • Customizable message headers
  • Embed URLs
  • Personalized and default CAN-SPAM compliant footers
  • Embed images
  • Survey creation tool

Sending Emails

  • Define recipients who will receive a copy of every sent email
  • Triggered emails
  • Scheduled emails
  • Recurring emails
  • RSS to Email
  • Spam content testing
  • Email client render testing
  • CC and BCC, journaling addresses, required recipients
  • Email throttling
  • Create suppression lists from a past email campaign or from scratch
  • Use JangoMail as a discussion server
  • Transactional emails with full DKIM signing, tracking, and immediate delivery over SMTP

Database Connectivity

  • Connect to any ASP/PHP/Cold Fusion-driven web site database
  • Synchronize unsubscribes, bounces, opens, clicks, and other activities with your database
  • Use the API and web service to remotely manage and retrieve data
  • Salesforce, Highrise, & Magento integrations

Reporting and Analytics

  • Opens & Clicks
  • Website activity
  • Google Analytics connection
  • Forward to a friend tracking
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces
  • Click tracking visual overlay
  • AJAX-based reporting
  • Time-based reporting
  • IP Address and Browser tracking
  • View SMTP log files
  • Geo tracking

Email Deliverability

  • Habeas SafeList member
  • Return Path Certification program partner
  • Manage your own DomainKeys/DKIM records
  • Set up SPF/SenderID
  • Feedback Loops (FBLs) with major email clients
  • 24 hour network monitoring
  • Dedicated SMTP Sending Servers and IP Addresses are available
  • Complex domain/sender routing rules allow granular control of delivery
  • Custom built Windows-based MTA/SMTP
  • Distributed SMTP infrastructure allows access to unlimited IP ranges

Email Address List Management

  • Host unlimited email lists and email addresses
  • Unlimited fields for each list
  • Web signup form creation
  • Recipients can modify their own profiles
  • List scrubber can turn invalid addresses valid and remove duplicates
  • Export all data to Excel
  • Set up autoresponders
  • Easily add contacts
  • Double opt-in confirmation option
  • Use any email list as a send-to group or as a suppression group
  • Create large text fields within email lists
  • Search any or all email lists at once
  • FTP email recipient lists
  • List-unsubscribe header option
  • Create an Email List from a Report

Reply Management

  • Automatic unsubscribe/bounce handling
  • Option to email bouncebacks
  • Recipient requests to change email addresses are handled automatically
  • Automatic forwarding of valid user replies
  • Automatic forwarding of Challenge-Response replies to a specified user
  • Virus messages are automatically deleted
  • Unsubscribe/bounce synchronization with web databases

Features for Agencies

  • Client subaccounts
  • Multiple logins (sending restrictions, reporting only users, and more)
  • Private label option
  • Unsubscribe sharing
  • FTP account
  • Email template sharing across subaccounts

Custom Features and Solutions

  • Dedicated processing
  • Custom scripting/programming
  • Transactional custom scripting

Client Support

  • 24 hour emergency support
  • Experienced sales and support team
  • Standard Hours: M - F, 7am - 6pm EST
  • Tutorials: support.jangomail.com