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Why should I pay a monthly fee, rather than a one time fee?
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I found a mass emailing software package on the Internet for only $199. Why should I pay you a monthly fee when I can pay a one-time fee for some desktop software?

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to use an email service provider like JangoMail over using installed software. They include:

IT support staff: No need to have an IT support staff to manage your email servers. JangoMail takes care of that for you.

Managing servers: Email servers used to be easy to control, but nowadays are difficult and complex to setup and manage. JangoMail has invested significantly in building a robust and reliable email sending infrastructure that is based on performance, speed, and industry standards for email authentication practices.

Bandwidth usage: With JangoMail, all of your emails are sent through our Internet pipes, and therefore, you don’t need to worry about saturating your company’s Internet bandwidth. Companies that attempt to send mass emails on their own often find that when they do so, nobody else in the organization can use the Internet while the emails are going out.

Deliverability: One of the biggest challenges for email marketers is ensuring that their emails go into recipients’ inboxes rather than their junk mail folders. JangoMail has invested substantially in whitelisting programs and developing relationships with major ISPs like Yahoo!, Hotmail, Juno/Netzero, AOL, and others to ensure the highest deliverability of your emails. Using desktop software to send emails through your own servers, you would have to start from scratch in developing these relationships on your own. Learn more about JangoMail’s deliverability practices here.

Tracking: JangoMail provides tracking capabilities that most installed software solutions cannot match, such as unsubscribe and bounce management, click tracking, open tracking, web page activity tracking, and more.

Reply management: JangoMail provides robust reply management that filters out real replies from spam, bounces, out-of-office autoreplies, viruses, mailbox full messages, and more. You can fully configure how each of these types of incoming emails are processed. With desktop software, after you send out a mass email, everything, including bounces, replies, and other types of incoming emails will come straight back to your inbox.

Usability: Since JangoMail is a web-based application that runs over the Internet, you can access it 24×7 from anywhere in the world that you can get online.

Setup Time: With JangoMail, you’re up and running instantly once your account has been activated. With installed software, hours can be spent configuring it to work with your email server and configuring your email server to allow for the demand that email broadcasting requires.