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How do I contact support?
Emergency Contact Method
Sending Your Campaign
How do I know when my campaign has been sent?
Can I schedule a campaign for sending at a later date?
Can I work on my campaign, save it, and come back to it at a later date?
How long will it take to send my email campaign?
Pricing and Payment
Do you offer discounts for non-profits or educational organizations?
Where can I find your pricing?
I want to pay for several months at a time – do you allow that?
Email Lists
Do you provide email lists?
What types of lists can I use?
Will you share my email addresses?
How can I manage my email lists?
Can I modify my own email lists?
Do you offer any custom templates I can use for my emails?
Can I personalize my emails?
Do you offer email template design services?
I have my own email template already – can I use it with JangoMail?
About Us
What is JangoMail?
What inspired the creation of JangoMail?
JangoMail’s Size
Why should I pay a monthly fee, rather than a one time fee?
What sets us apart from other mass emailing services?
What security measures are in place to protect my account?
Custom Integration
I would like to private label JangoMail. How can I do this?
Do you provide an API?
Do you integrate with any third party applications?
Getting Started
How do I get started?
What do I need to use JangoMail?
Is it possible for JangoMail to create and send my emails?
Social Integration
Can I add buttons to share my email campaigns via social media?

JangoMail's Size

Have you ever wondered about JangoMail's size? JangoMail’s former parent company, Silicomm Corporation, was founded in May of 1998. JangoMail was created by Silicomm in 2000. JangoMail has thousands of satisfied customers around the world. While the amount of employees has fluctuated slightly over the past 17 years, it is not our size that matters. We give our customers VIP support.

At JangoMail, we would like to think the small, intimate size of our company is what we are all about. Our customer support team cares about all of our clients. Our development team is constantly working to make our systems work in the best possible way for our clients.

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