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Email Marketing In Dayton, Ohio

JangoMail is an email marketing service based in Dayton, Ohio. Email marketing in Dayton, Ohio is not a usual industry, which makes us that much more unique. Working with companies from our local area to countries all over the world. Our reputation is one of being the best email marketing service available, and it is known across the world. So, if you didn't already know about email marketing in Dayton, Ohio, well now you have.

Far and Wide

JangoMail may be based in Dayton, Ohio, but we are constantly on the move looking for more places to bring the world's finest email marketing service. Email marketing in Dayton, Ohio is not staying in Dayton, Ohio. Don't get us wrong, we love working with local companies and many of our clients come from the Dayton, Ohio area. However, we want nothing more than do bring our top-notch service to the rest of the world, because we feel that email marketing in Dayton, Ohio, is the best email marketing service in the world.


A few of our local, national and international corporate customers include: Reuters, Oakmark, General Motors, Five Seasons, iwerk, Dealermine, Star Clippers and Trans Siberian Orchestra. We do work with companies of every ranging size, and we do work with them no matter how far away they may be head quartered from our email marketing in Dayton, Ohio. The fact that JangoMail has such a sophisticated server that people from half across the world can use our API service to modify their email account is a modern marvel, and proves that the world's best email marketing service is JangoMail email marketing in Dayton, Ohio.

When it comes to a company who is modern and flexible, look no further than JangoMail. We can work with any company, who is looking for an email marketing service that is there for them and can help them expand their operations. It doesn't matter where your company is, JangoMail has the ability to help you become the best you can, and that's why you can expect a lot from email marketing in Dayton, Ohio.